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marilyn as u have suggested me chinese herbs for the treatment of primary infertility, can u help me a bit more how can i discus

Posted by malik

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Hi Malik,

You will need to find an herbalist near you who can take a complete history, look at your tongue and pulse, and prescribe an appropriate herbal formula.  Formulas are individualized, and can actually make things worse if you give the wrong thing to the wrong person.  It's too complex to figure out over email, unfortunately.

 If you let me know where you are, I may be able to help you find a practitioner near you.



thanx Marilyn for respnse. I m sorry to be late due to some vacations here. I m residing at Sargodha District in the Province of Punjab in Pakistan. kindly u recommend me a herbalist. Lahore and Islamabad (two big cities) are equally distant from Sargodha.

kindly u may explain for me how the herbalist work, i mean how he will diagnose and suggest me the remidial measure and herbs etc.

here in Pakistan we are use to for the Alopathic and Homeopathic kind of treatment only. Actually herbalist pronounce an old version of treatment in Pakistan. unfortunately i have some local people dealing herbs and other things alike, but actully i found they only  want to sell their herbs and tactics, which sometimes are suspected to be true to nature also.

however kindly if u have knowledge of any patent harbalist near me, recommend me, i will touch him and let u know about the progress.

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