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Male Makeup Trends

Posted Feb 12 2010 4:40pm

Have you seen a man with makeup on recently? There is a good possibility that you have. What did you think when you did? It may have shocked youbut it’s a sight that you should get used to quicklybecause male makeup trends are rapidly changingand more and more men are now wearing makeup.

Male Makeup for Transgender Males

Transgender males are males who acttalkand dress more as females than as males. Makeup has become very popular for this group of males – and the number of transgender males wearing makeup has steadily climbed for more than twenty years.

Unlike other groups of mentransgender males will often use makeup in the same style that women use makeup. Gay men are also using more makeupbut it is important to realize that not all transgender males are gay.

Male Makeup for Metro Sexual Men

You can’t judge a man by his makeup! You don’t have to be a gay man or a transgender male to wear makeup. There is a new breed of men referred to as Metro Sexual. These men are straightand usually participate in what is becoming known as Manscaping. These men typically dress very nicewearing the latest men’s fashionand male makeup trends have carried over to this group of males as well.

Metro Sexual men who wear makeup typically wear only the lightest makeup in an effort to enhance their features. For examplethey may wear a bit of mascara on their lashesbut that mascara will usually be very light and natural looking. Metro Sexual men will also use makeup productssuch as a concealer to hide blemishes and imperfectionsand in order to hide the concealerthey may use a foundation color on their skin.

Male Makeup as a Part of Manscaping

Manscaping is a practice of personal hygiene that more and more men are practicing – especially gay men and Metro Sexual men. Manscaping includes keeping brows and ear hairs trimmedkeeping beards and mustaches neatkeeping hair trimmedand possibly even tinted or dyedtanningand even removal of the hair on the chest and legsas well as other areas of the body.

As a part of this Manscaping practicemany men use products that were typically associated with womensuch as skin moisturizers. They may even use actual makeup as a part of their Manscaping activities to improve or enhance the appearanceor to help hide the effects of aging.

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