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Making Healthy Choices a Sickness

Posted Apr 27 2011 3:40pm
So did you know that if you're a raw food diet follower....if you don't eat sugar, wheat or have a mental disorder?

It's true. It's got to be true. Apparently, it was in JAMA.  Here's the link to the Yahoo article explaining the new definitions of 'eating disorders' to include picky eaters and people "overly concerned with food quality and who eschew caffeine, sugar, wheat and artificial colorings..."

I keep thinking of poor Joseph Lister. Back in the 19th century, hospitals were places to die, sort of like a living morgue. Lister tried to get the surgeons and nurses to do some radical stuff, like wash their hands and sterilize their instruments. He got a lot of flack for that too. I'm betting somebody called him crazy a few times too many.

It's an old, old technique. When someone offers advice that threatens the status quo, slap a label on them and send them on their way so no one follows them.

I suppose the operative word is 'excessive concern', yet who deems it when someone's concern becomes excessive?

Go ahead. Label me. I have a brain and intelligence, and I'm not afraid to use it to read and explore, learn and test various diets the establishment wants to label crazy.
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