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Making Essential Oil Blends For Relaxing The Muscles

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:15pm

Aching Muscles

If you have sore or aching muscles, the solution might be rubbing an essential oil into them. These concentrated oils have many uses, one of which is an amazing effects in curing muscle pain. This article will tell you how to make a blend of essential oils to use for muscle pain.

The term essential oil refers to any concentrated, hydrophobic oil which contains extracts from aromatic herbs or plants. They are ‘essential’ in that the carry the scent of the plant, and are generally extracted by the process of distillation (the raw plant material is exposed to steam, turning the plant to vapor, which is then collected in liquid form). They have been around for a long time, and are used in perfumes, cosmetics, flavoring for food and drink, and a ranged of other products, as well as aromatherapy, for which their popularity has increased in recent years.

Getting The Oils Ready

To make a massage oil for aching muscles, you first have to know a few things about handling essential oils. It is important to know that they are highly concentrated, so you don’t want to apply them directly to your skin. When handling the undiluted, you don’t want to get any in your eyes, nose, or ears, and certainly avoid swallowing any; even a small amount can be toxic. You may even want to wear rubber gloves when working with them.

Buy Quality Ingredients

You should also make sure to buy quality oils; there is a wide variety of quality out there. Pure essential oils are better than synthetic oils (which can cause more headaches, and which may not have the same therapeutic properties), and you want to avoid oils which have been diluted with vegetable oils (to test this, you can place a drop of the essential oil on a piece of paper; if it leaves an oil stain, it has probably been diluted with vegetable oil). It is a good sign if it says it is ‘pure’ or ‘100%’ essential oil. Smelling an oil can help you determine its quality, but you should hold the bottle at least five inches away from your nose when you sniff, and take breaks when comparing many different bottles. Finally, it is best to buy oil in dark glass bottles, as clear bottles let in light which can damage the oil (like red wine), and plastic bottles can dissolve and contaminant the oil.

Recipe For Relaxation

To make the massage oil itself, use the following four essential oils: Roman chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint, and Clary sage. You will also need some normal massage oil to dilute the mixture. To make to fill a 4 ounce bottle (remember, dark glass), add 14 drops of the Roman chamomile oil, 14 drops of the Lavender, 8 drops of Peppermint, and 4 Clary sage, then fill the rest of the bottle with the normal massage oil. Mix this, and you have a bottle of sweet smelling, muscle-relaxing massage oil!

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