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Magnetic polus australias - calling it off

Posted Aug 10 2010 4:33am
This is energy or rather lack of it, instability of ideas, dislocated, alternating moods from passion to rage. Certainly not grounded, easily floats off into varying mood polarities (which is what you’d expect from a magnet).

When polarities actually become part of a symptom picture and they are especially strong you often see a paralysis, as though wanting to stay as central as possible, as still as possible instead of being pulled back and forth into the extremes.
Paralysis can take many forms - physical, emotional and mental, and in this case it is male impotence and retraction or contraction. The sudden change in moods prevents any enjoyment of sexual energies. There is “sudden cessation of all enjoyment in the moment of greatest excitement”. The penis feels as if it were torn and the testes retracted, pulling back. The testes can also swell and feel contracted, so much as there is an attempt at stability, staying in the middle the pulling sensation either way is always present.

Examples of this pulling magnetism = there is a great urge to sleep but over excitement prevents this; sudden lassitude when walking; frostbite, which is both extreme coldness and burning at the same time; rushes of blood and congestion and yet the body feels light - suspended.

Suspended is a way of trying to keep stable by dangling in the middle. The overall feeling emotionally is one of being forsaken which perfectly mimics this theme of suspending - cutting short.

Mostly a male remedy.
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