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Living By Zen: Timeless Truths f ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:38pm

Living By Zen: Timeless Truths for Everyday Life

Don't Let Resentment Build

Your life will flourish when it is filled with gratitude and giving. As we take time to be aware of and give thanks for the many blessings we receive our days are filled and joyful. Gratitude is a force multiplier and by giving thanks for someting you are attracting energy to receiving more of it. Offering healing and doing self-care exercises are a way of giving thanks, and keeping a grateful mind alive.

If something bothers you in your friendship, communicate it to your friend simply, honestly and kindly. Don't let resentment build.

The biggest gift you can give each other is honest communication. This does not mean dumping on the other person, but carefully explaining how you are feeling and not allow resentment to build.

Responsible communication is a wonderful way of thanking a person and telling them how much he or she means to you. To communicate responsibly, do not blame the other person for your feelings or what you think has gone wrong. Simply say, "This is how I am feeling right now. This is what I want and need."

Take responsibility for what is going on inside of you. Make clear statements and requests.

Resentment is poison. It corrodes everything it touches. No relationship can thrive when resentment is allowed to build.

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