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Liver and Kidney health important for Vitamin D absorption

Posted Apr 30 2010 11:11pm
A lot of research has been coming out lately about the need for proper serum Vitamin D levels in the blood. Without adequate levels of sunshine directly on the skin due either to weather or overuse of sunblock, a Vitamin D3 supplement becomes important to avoid a myriad of conditions and diseases.

My question is, even when some people supplement with Vitamin D even taking hundreds of times the RDA, their blood levels remain low. Why is this? The answer is in this bit of science about how Vitamin D is synthesized in the body
Vitamin D as acquired from the diet or produced in the skin is biologically inactive. It must be metabolized by the liver to produce 25-hydroxyvitamin D3. However, this compound is also biologically inactive under physiological circumstances and must be activated by the kidney to produce the final vitamin D hormone, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3. This hormonal form of vitamin D plays an essential role in stimulating intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, in the mobilization of calcium from bone, and in renal reabsorption of calcium. The function of vitamin D has been expanded beyond regulating plasma calcium and phosphorus levels, and hence healing the diseases of rickets and osteomalacia. It is now known that the vitamin D hormone controls parathyroid gland growth and production of the parathyroid hormone. It is an immunomodulator. Vitamin D hormone also appears to play a role in the regulation of insulin production or secretion. Finally, it is required for female reproduction. These new sites of action of vitamin D are under intense investigation. See also Hormone.

So without proper liver and kidney function, proper absorption would be impaired. Liver and kidney health, therefore, becomes an issue. Liver and kidney support along with a Vitamin D supplement makes the most sense. Enzymes such as protease and lipase support liver as well as kidney function. See PureZyme and LypoZyme
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