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Little Random Acts of Bonding

Posted Jun 22 2009 11:38am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

On a bike ride the other day, I saw a father playing catch with his daughter and son. Also on my travels, I saw a blossoming family playing miniature golf together. Just when I thought the family of today was incapable of spending time together without the use of technology, my faith was renewed again. In fact, on that same bike ride I saw a few different people riding their bikes with either their significant other or with their family.

Bonding and spending quality time with your family, away from televisions and technology, feeds the family more than food ever would. Strengthening the family bonds with board games, bike riding, walking, hiking, boating, or golfing encourages communication to flow. Having open communication and a strong bond between parent and child decreases the likelihood for drug habits to form.

Oprah had a show the other week where she took away the technology of a couple of family's homes to see how they would survive for a couple of weeks. At first, they were suffering from withdrawal. They were frustrated and angry. As the week went by, the family's communication was improving and they were finding each other again. Technology seems to lose a family sometimes if it goes out of control.

Relationships with family members are just as important to nurture as the relationships with friends and significant others. But, it's important to maintain a balance with each of them. Your whole outlook and attitude changes for the better when the relationship portion of your life is fulfilled and satiated.

On a typical Saturday afternoon, turn off the television set and do something the whole family can do together.

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