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Posted Sep 30 2010 7:25pm
Light Grounding ~ Magnetic Emotions ~Beacons of Light: September 2010
From Steve:

This month the group gave us a very clear and strong signal that it was safe to move forward. The channel had a different energy, very direct and even a bit forceful. They said speak your mind in all things and let your voice be heard. It's time for each of us to let our vibration out into the universe. The example they showed me was not only complaining when something was wrong, but also speaking your mind when something is right. Have we ever thought to write a note at the bottom of the electric bill that reads, "Thanks for doing a great job this month!" My first thought was that no one important will ever see that note. But the group quickly reminded me that it was not even important that any read it, only that I write it. Basically, they said that all of our vibrations will be felt more at this time.
They also mentioned an effect we will be feeling for years to come. In this channel they specifically spoke of forms of emotional instability that can be triggered by the magnetic fluxuations caused by the solar flares. They have mentioned this before in the Magnetics in Motion channel, but this time they gave us the figure of 76 hours after the flare. From the site I can tell you that it does not take that long for the magnetic wave to hit Earth after a solar flare. However, I think they meant this as the time it takes to destabilize our internal systems and for us to feel the effects. It does not happen to everyone, but right now is a time on Earth when a new vibration is beginning and anything out of synch with that vibration is coming to the surface. More relationships are experiencing stretches than ever before for that reason. It is a time to get right with YOU and be heard!
Have a great month!

Greetings from Home.

Making Space for Empowered Humans
Dear ones, you have taken this day and altered every part of it. When this particular day was set into motion by the sun coming over the horizon, you had nothing but possibilities. You have altered everything that you have walked into in order to make space for your spirit to have a human experience. Now you are beginning to alter the entire universe to make space for empowered beings on planet Earth.
We have spoken of the tremendous respect and honor that not only we have for you, but also the way the other beings of the universe look upon you.  They see Earth as one of the highest possibilities to learn from and to emulate in many ways. Yes, you look at your daily newspaper and see wars, challenges, problems, tsunamis, earthquakes and more. But we tell you that it is your evolution and expansion into your proper place in the universe that is opening up the possibilities for you to change every single day. That is the beauty that now stands before you, and the possibilities that you did not have even yesterday. Every day possibilities are starting to build for you, and we are asking you to simply become aware. There is nothing you need to do other than to begin to use this information, and use the higher capabilities that you have been hiding from yourself for so long. Your constant work to contain your energy field has been needed to bring and hold in your energy, to define yourself as a human. Now you are starting to let go of that restriction and there are some of the possibilities starting to take place. You will now have capabilities that you never have before, so let us share with you an overview and what to expect and how you can work with it.
Field Theory
We have mentioned before that the year 2012 will reveal exposure to a type of radiation that you are already familiar with in many ways. However, you have never defined this radiation, for even your scientists are not completely comfortable in their understanding of what happens to a physical body inside of a magnetic field. What happens if you create a magnetic field around your body using very simple techniques? Actually, humans do this every time they have a thought. The energy of each thought merges with the energy of all the other thoughts you hold as truth. If the new thought successfully merges with your existing field, then the physical attraction process begins. This is the same way that you created your experience this morning when you first awoke and saw the sunlight as the first possibility of this day. When you have cosmic events that change the magnetics of your planet, every one of you feels that shift and does not quite know what to do with it. The upcoming exposure we are talking about may confuse or interrupt this process for some of you, especially those who seem to already have a natural sense of direction.
This exposure to magnetic radiation is taking place with what you call solar flares, CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections). Your sun is beginning to erupt again; there is a new cycle it is starting to move through. Your scientists have known about this because it happens frequently-roughly every 12 years the sun goes through another cycle. Now the Earth is evolving and the Sun is helping Earth to change. What is taking place is that you are receiving magnetic radiation from the sun all the time, yet when you receive these big influxes from the solar flares there are many ways you can be affected. They change the ground that you walk on, so you suddenly start walking down the same path you have been on and now feel queasy, uncertain and like you do not quite belong. This is because the entire environment is beginning to change beneath your feet. Even though you are evolving, your physical and emotional bodies are having difficulty with this. We tell you this because you are the healers and the teachers of planet Earth. Although each of you will experience some of these things, you are also the ones who can help other people to walk through this. You have agreed to be here first so that you could open the door and hold it open for others to follow.
Magnetic Emotions
So, what is taking place exactly? This magnetic radiation will hit humans emotionally-very strongly. It already has occurred and now you are starting to feel it. You may feel as if you are being pushed to the edge,  emotionally raw and spiritually exhausted. Watch what happens to your emotions when a solar flare erupts and 76 hours later. We will simply give you the number: 76 hours after a solar flare. This time lapse has probably made you feel disconnected, but every human on planet Earth is likely to experience a roller coaster of emotions while this magnetic radiation is harmonizing.
There is nothing wrong, nothing you need to worry about or fix. Simply be aware. Pay attention to what is  taking place in your environment, for you are much more in control of it than you ever thought. It is when you are unaware of things that they catch you by surprise and quite often you cannot deal with them. Be conscious of the fact that as you walk outside and feel the sun, it is more than the heat, gamma rays, and x-rays that it  sends. It is a compilation of magnetic, light energy and your exposure to it over the next year and a half may have a direct impact on your emotions.
Now, the question is, what can you do about it? What are some tools to support you while walking through this changing environment? Even though the ground is shifting beneath your feet, you can stay on an even keel and get from Point A to Point B rather painlessly. This is something we mentioned before and wish to revisit today. It is called light grounding, which is simply a way for you to ground light energy in your physical body. It has been something each and every one of you have worked with and learned to do on a small automatic scale, much like the way you have never learned how to consciously breathe. We will teach you how to take this particular reaction out of the automatic realm and make it a conscious act, which will make it much easier for you to evolve past the upcoming changes. There is literally an energy field that each of you can create rather quickly a neutral field for you where you can catch your breath during these intense times.
Light Grounding
Envision that you have a filter around yourself that protects you from the magnetic shifting. It is here to affect the Earth and needs to. Although it will still affect you as you filter this energy through, this could be the first form of light grounding we will teach you. Keep in mind that what we call "light" is something different than what you do. You consider light to be a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum; we call it the entire spectrum, plus a great deal that humans do not yet see. This is much bigger than what you consider light, because magnetism is a part of light and one of the pieces we have never learned to ground. There are many circuits, techniques, and devices that will protect you from magnetic fields and shield you from EMF radiation. Even though those approaches have worked well before, very few of them will be effective at this level because little of what you have on planet Earth will protect you from what we is coming. Rather than protect yourself, we ask you to learn to ground and use the energy. Adapt and harmonize rather than resist.
It is not that you need to run for protection either, because you are the masters of the Gameboard. You are the little gods pretending to be human. Because of that you can do it all with no problem, but we also want to tell you what is coming and share what the capabilities and why you set these in motion. So why is the Earth radiating? Why is it important to change the magnetics of Earth even further than what they originally thought would be necessary? It is because of you. You have evolved past what you had as the highest potential even five years ago.
Harmonics Are the Trigger
It is now possible to start working with harmonics. Harmonics are very simple. If you hit a note on a piano keyboard and look at the strings inside the piano, you will see that each one of those is vibrating. We have shared this with you before. Now you are learning how to straighten out the wave. You are learning how to fit harmonics to reach levels of vibration you have never been able to reach before and extend distances never thought possible. They were always just out of your reach. Now, through harmonics, you can reach and effect change in your own energy much easier than ever before. It is something you are unaccustomed to using. So even though it has been in your world for a long time you never knew you could control it, but you can control the amount of magnetism that reaches your physical body.
Similar to that you know the sun can do damage so you use sun block on your skin that only allows certain amounts of radiation from the sun through. The same will be true with the magnetic filters you place on yourself. Before we give you the xyz on exactly how to do it, play with it and find it yourself. Even if we give you a modality that shows you exactly how to do this, it will not be as effective as if you find it yourself. Listen to that inner voice; it will tell you how to harmonize and pull this through. That is the piece we are working with not only here in these rooms, but in every message we give you.
You have been walking on this planet pretending to be separate from each other, and that is about to end. It is starting to take place because as you begin to expand, there is no room for the separation anymore. It is magical. You start to understand your connection and harmonics with another person or a group of people. It is magical and simple, yet it is always going to take the people who do it first. It will always take the people who stand in front and dare to make the mistakes, as you call them, who dare to push, to try something new and work with it. This is the beginning of something we are calling "light grounding," and there will be much  more coming from it.;
Much of your experience here on this planet has been how to evolve and ascend. We are the first to tell you to stay here on Earth. Anchor that piece of you on the planet firmly, then you can expand without the problems because there will be all kinds of challenges if you begin expanding and moving into a large energy field without clear definition or without grounding. The grounding part is what allows you to pretend to be a human. That is what allows the beauty of Home to shine through your eyes when you smile, and to be seen in everything that you do. It is why you came to Earth. Welcome Home. Now you know that this is going to be a journey. Each and every one of you is going to find slightly different answers and when you start connecting the whole, you will get the bigger picture. It is the way humanity has always worked. Let us pull back for just a moment. We will work personally on light grounding with you and give you much more information as time goes forward. Let us speak of the emotional changes that will be occurring on planet Earth.
You have a disorder you labeled depression, which is liable to run rampant for a time on planet Earth. Magnetism is likely to set people into this emotion and when they get into a specific groove, whatever that is. That groove is very difficult to move out of, because depression is one of the energies that feeds upon itself and it is basically a lot of light grounding. Many of you have dealt with this for much of your lives; you often can call it clinical depression or causal depression. It is an energy that has existed here and is equated to what you call dark energy in the universe. It is not bad. Do not call it bad, for you place yourself in duality the moment you do that. Instead, take what you have and learn to use it. There are ways of being able to use it, and you can protect yourself from the cause of it.
Watch the sun, paying special attention to the 76-hour mark after the explosion although the actual magnetic waves will start coming in before that. You will be able to see the Aurora Borealis in unlikely places such as Arkansas and Texas, or in different places in the universe that have never experience these anomalies. It is also happening in your body as your body starts to adjust and change. The easiest way to cope is to reach out and hold somebody's hand, because every one of you is going through this together. Yet, when you go through it, the first thing you do is pull back your hand and think that this is all about you. That is part of the natural contraction of an energy field during these times. We tell you, dear ones, that you have a choice as do the clients that each of you is going to work with. There are techniques that will make all of this a bit easier as you move forward.
Physical Changes
Humanity is changing. It seems you do not even fit in your physical bodies any more. Your bodies are  beginning to evolve to make space for the new and empowered human, but so are a lot of things including  many of the social and economic structures you have on your planet. Here is the challenge. You have typically  defined success as being able to repeat something over and over again. So, you become very  comfortable in your little ruts. To be human is to typically find your own rut, because that is where your  comfort or safety zone is. However, that is now changing. Many of you will start moving beyond your comfort  zones yet not knowing where you are going, for that is the beauty of this expansion. Everyone is  beginning to expand because you were holding your energy fields in all that time. Now you are returning to an  expansive field that is more native to your soul. The social and economic structures will attempt to try to the  old ways and may even cause more difficulties before finally adapting. The problem is that some of them think  they are in charge and can determine your future.
Change the Structure
Even if you have an economic re-set like you have recently, the economic and social structures are going to  go back to playing the game exactly the way they did before, for they consider it successful because it worked before. So, they are going back to these structures until they hear from you that it will no longer  work. If you are depressed or wondering who you are, we ask you to become comfortable with your truth for now is the time to start speaking your truth and stop holding back. 
If you have ever wondered who you  truly were or if one person could make a difference, now is the time to act. It is the time for each one of you to outgrow the ruts that your societies, economic structures, schools and other institutions have been stuck in. Now is the time to change, because that is what will help your children,  the next generation, to move into this energy that was so difficult for you to evolve into. It is time to get angry  and fed up with yourself and your environments, and to create the new structures that support empowered  humans. The world has been toying with this whole idea of war for so long, so why has it been so difficult to  get rid of war? War became a wonderful business, a rut that has been successful for a very long time. Now  we are going to ask you to wage war on yourselves instead. Kill with love. Share with kindness and do  everything you can to go in the opposite direction, but let your voice be heard. It is time.
You are not going to represent all of humanity, but you can certainly represent yourself. What does and does  not work for you? It is time to start grounding your needs, wants and desires, because the moment you do that--even though you may not make a difference over here--you have clearly defined your world and started  building a new energy and magnetic structure around those thoughts. That is light grounding. We tell you, dear  ones; it is time for you to speak out about what you are feeling. Every time you connect with that  energy, you are creating heaven here on earth. It is time for a new kind of war, it is time we kill each other with kindness and love. You can begin that today.
Dear ones, there are so many changes happening so quickly. We wish we could give you the answers so that  you could be in the right place at the right time. We know that many of you have intentionally set yourselves out of sync so that you could do something very important, and all of you are going to have that chance. So,  no matter where you find yourself now and over the next few years, know that you are being guided. Know  that if you listen, you will receive that information directly through your own heart. Ground that light into the  most beautiful energy on Planet Earth, for it will anchor you in all the days to come. Together you can hold hands and walk into this next evolution.
It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you this day we ask you simply to treat each other with the  greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play well together.
The group

 Dreams Do Come True

Steve and I just returned from celebrating our 38th our wedding anniversary. We realized that we were together for two years before we got married so this was actually our 40th anniversary of living together. Each year has been a learning, loving experience.
I will tell you that a long marriage takes a lot of work. And it is worth it! Every day needs to be a fresh intent, valuing that new day with each other and of renewing the future together. This is what Steve and I enjoyed doing in our recent trip to Disneyland. I have often said that it is a dream of mine to rent out Disneyland for a huge private party where all Lightworkers come together to celebrate spiritual family. That still is a fantasy of mine but this time it was just a playful celebration for the two of us. We did think of all of you!
Steve and I got married in Big Bear, California on 09/09/72. Interesting that our last event on 09/09/09 was  held in the same place where we made that commitment. It all came together so perfectly that we knew it was meant to be. As much as we treasured the reconnection of being in the area where we married, we were  presenting a seminar around it. For many years we have been doing events around our anniversary. Although  the anniversaries have been special, I wanted one that was just about us and not having it be around a  seminar. He agreed. This is how we came about celebrating in Disneyland.
When we first got married we spent a couple of days in the mountains of Big Bear. After that we decided to  spend the next couple of days in Disneyland. I had never been there so I was excited as a child. It was a  fantastic way to start out our marriage enjoying the joyful surroundings. We took that feeling of fun and have  continued it throughout our time together in our relationship.
I enjoyed making all the plans for this vacation. I made arrangements for a very nice hotel next to the park.  We were greeted by employees who truly seemed happy to be working at this fun place. Right away the staff was saying happy anniversary to us. It was like a warm homecoming. When we got to our room the person   who was showing us around gave us a package with tickets, little souvenirs and two big buttons that we could  wear during our stay there. The tradition is when you wear any special badge everyone in Disneyland  congratulates you on whatever the occasion. The only problem was instead of "Happy Anniversary" it said  "Just Married." 
The girl helping us was so apologetic that she hadn't gotten us the right buttons. I smiled and said that these  were just perfect. The whole four days I felt like a newlywed. I could not resist wearing my white sequin Minnie Mouse Ears with the wedding veil that Steve bought me. He of course wore his hat. I was looking  everywhere for Mickey Mouse ears to attach to it.People were always saying congratulation on your  wedding. Young girls almost had tears in their eyes to see that love can work out at any age. I really felt like  we gave them hope for their own relationships.
At the end of our visit one of the staff members gave us Happy Anniversary buttons. We wore them the last  day of our stay instead of the newlywed buttons. In a way the energy changed but still people created us  warmly. We were in the hotel elevator returning to our room after a long day of fun. There was another couple next to us who were also wearing a Happy Anniversary button. We of course started up a conversation with them. Turns out they were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Two young girls also  in the elevator were almost in disbelief that people could be together so long and still have so much love for  each other.
Disneyland is the land where dreams do come true. Whether you are in a long or short relationship or have  not yet found that special person to be with, enjoy the love you have for yourself. Celebrate love in your life in your own magical way.
With Love and Light

Lightworker is a conscious corporation dedicated to spreading Light through human empowerment.
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