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Life Coaches Need To Show Their Faces

Posted Mar 23 2009 4:10am

They say a problem shared is a problem solved.

Who you share your problems with, be it a parent, your friends or your boss, is an important decision to make. You may even consider the option of hiring a life coach. They can be a very effective way of helping you to deal with certain areas of your life that are causing you concern. But given there are now so many life coaches offering similar services up and down the country you'd be forgiven for struggling to distinguish the good from the bad.

In order to make your investment in a life coach a productive and worthwhile one there are several factors to consider including experience, reputation, specialty and price. As you browse the internet, check how much time you will spend in front of your life coach as, unfortunately, there is a creeping tendency for life coaches to offer most of their time via technology i.e. phone and email rather than face to face.

I think this is short changing the client and I'll tell you why...

When it comes to life coaching, or any C.A.M practice for that matter, physical human contact is vital. It means looking into someone's eyes and shaking their hand. It's this interaction that not only helps us to build trust and friendships but also sustains our mental well-being.

Email should be used as an occasional support tool at the very most. It shouldn't be a standard way of providing this type of service due to their impersonal nature. Not only is it unsatisfactory, it's frustrating that you don't get an immediate response to your questions.

Now a life coach may argue that they are offering various levels of their service at different price points. But I would argue that, for life coaching to be effective, trust must be the foundation on which real progress can be made.

In order for you to trust your coach I believe you must to be able to fully communicate with them, which means that you are in a position to pick up their signals, not just from what they are saying but also via body language, hand gestures, tone of voice and eye contact. It's these vital forms of communication that can be missed over the phone or in an email which can lead to misunderstandings, frustration and anger.

I agree that a problem shared is a problem solved but if it's shared in a quiet, comfortable room with the undivided attention of your life coach then you'll most likely solve it in half the time.

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