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Laser Treatments - not so rejuvenating long term

Posted Jun 13 2011 10:24am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

Recently I wanted to find out what the fuss was about with the new trend of laser skin renewal. So, I did some research. I sat in on a free laser consultation to get the gist. After hearing their take on "their way" and hearing the cost of the procedures I am not sold. It seems to be a lot of superficial energy and money for something that only lasts about a year.

If people can fork over $3200 for four sessions (that's $800 a session!!) of laser skin rejuvenation therapy (and even botox!), how is it people find it difficult to work with holistic modalities for a lot less money?

What's the marketing strategies that the laser people use to get such a build up of clientele? They use visuals as testimonials. But here's the catch. It is not long term, and you still require a good exercise regimen and diet. Of course they say there won't be any negative effects and there is substantial research with the laser therapy, but they haven't seen the LONG term effects of these current clients in 10 or 20 years. Will they be alive then? How will their overall health be?

Wouldn't it just be more cost effective to stick to a holistic health practitioner like a health coach, acupuncturist, chiropractor or naturopathic physician to work with you? Truth be told, if you combine each one of these practitioners costs per session it would still be LESS than the skin laser treatments!! Even if we add in a massage therapist, it would still be less.

There are so many different ways of rejuvenating ourselves without subjecting our precious bodies to an unknown laser. There are even pedicures that make us feel revived!

Any of that superficial treatment may give a boost, but it's not helping us to boost the core issues within us. If we do not have true confidence within ourselves, then no amount of skin treatment will give us that feeling.

We need to work with a good team of holistic health practitioners to really get that inner "gunk" cleared up. It's just like a car exterior. What good is being obsessive about the outside if the transmission or motor conk out?

Our HOLISTIC HEALTH GOAL: For our insides to function optimally, like a well-tuned car, so that we radiate a shine and glow on our outsides -- and to be treated as a WHOLE person, not just a specific symptom or an organ.

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