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Large Benefits from Little Marine Phytoplankton

Posted Apr 28 2011 7:08pm

Marine Phytoplankton is truly a magnificent plant. It is not your typical plant however. It does not have stems, it does not have roots, and it certainly doesn’t have leaves. What it does have is 400 more times the energy found in other land plants. This specific plant however, is found in the ocean and can do more than you could ever imagine! They are microscopic in size and are found within silica shells .


Marine Phytoplankton has much ability. They can take the sun’s light, water, minerals, and turn them into carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. They can also take credit for creating most of the oxygen found on earth, specifically 90%. They also have the ability to support almost all of the sea creatures found within the ocean and have done so for billions of years.

marine plankton nasa Large Benefits from Little Marine Phytoplankton

Not only can Marine Phytoplankton assist in the enhancement of earth, but when taken as a supplement, they also do wondrous things for the human body. Since they are made up of so many components that do beneficial things, the list is fairly long as to how humans can benefit. First off, it can positively increase ones brain function, support health of the heart, and work to reduce ones cholesterol levels. It can also relieve ones pain caused by various things, for example with inflammation of the joints. The ability to increase energy, improve one’s sleeping habits, and support a healthy liver is also found when taking Marine Phytoplankton supplements.

Marine Phytoplankton & Cancer

It is also said that this magnificent marine plant can help to rid the body of abnormal cells that can be extremely harmful in causing cancer. With Marine Phytoplankton however, you will find something called phytochemicals. This not only protects the body’s tissues from harm, but removes those unwanted toxins and gives your body an overall cleansing, even “cleansing” of those abnormal cells. With the different research out there, it is found that two important components are what assist in helping people who suffer from cancer.

Iodine helps in regulation of the thyroid gland which is what produces thyroxine. It is thyroxine that helps ones metabolism by allowing the body to take in oxygen which is used to burn glucose and creates energy. Without enough iodine, this does not occur. The cells are not getting enough oxygen, the cells ferment the sugar, and create an environment that can cause cancerous cells. Without the iodine, the cells will multiple and spread which is why Marine Phytoplankton can be of help.

cancer cells Large Benefits from Little Marine Phytoplankton

Potassium is also able to assist people who have cancer. Marine Phytoplankton is known for being one of the highest foods containing potassium. It was Max Gerson who had used this in the treatment of his patients, and had done so successfully. Although he passed in 1959, at 78 years of age, he used Marine Phytoplankton to successfully treat several patients of not just cancer, but other illnesses as well

Other Super Powers of Marine Phytoplankton

It is quite amazing to know that these mini plants of the ocean that are found at the very bottom of the food chain, actually play a major role in the creation of clouds. In a study funded by NASA, performed at the University of California, the super powers of marine Phytoplankton were explored. Both Dierdre Toole and David Siegal found that as the sun shines on layers found on the top of the ocean, which happens to be where the Phytoplankton live, the Phytoplankton endure the radiation given off from the sun caused by the UV rays. The Phytoplankton then attempts to protect themselves from this harm by creating something called DMSP. This works to strengthen the walls of their cells so that the radiation cannot harm them. The DMSP chemical is then even further broken down into something called DMS. It is this that creates the formation of clouds. Although not directly, Phytoplankton plays a large role in this process, the creation of clouds.

Where Will it Go?

The amazing abilities of Phytoplankton are always being researched upon. As research progresses, so do the benefits of this superfood. Since it offers 66 different elements of nutrition, it is easy to believe that each of them works to help one in a certain way, all together enhancing your health. Marine Phytoplankton works as a treatment, and as a preventative. Many suppliers of the product will state that their information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases, but this is for legal purposes. The truth is that Marine Phytoplankton can help, and has helped.

If you are one of those individuals who take a Marie Phytoplankton supplement, we would love for you to share your story and experience. We are curious to hear if you have had positive experiences with this marine plant like others have.


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