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Lachesis Mutus: Snake Venom That Heals

Posted Feb 18 2011 11:04am 1 Comment
snake venom



What is Lachesis Mutus?

Lachesis mutus is a homeopathic remedy that affects the blood and central nervous system . It is made from a very dilute solution of the poisonous venom of the bushmaster snake. The most important effect of Lachesis mutus is its blood-thinning, or anti-coagulant, function. This action enhances blood flow and facilitates the healing process by hastening the removal of toxins from the blood.


Lachesis mutus is used as a homeopathic treatment for many bleeding disorders--including rectal bleeding, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, prolonged menstrual periods--and to relieve depression , palpitations, migraines and other throbbing headaches , tonsillitis , anal fissures, hemorrhoids , poor circulation, cold extremities, a swollen or inflamed tongue, and all types of skin ulcers and wounds . It is also sometimes used to ease menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, painful ovaries, aches, headache, anxiety, mood swings, nervous tension, cramps and irritability.

 The Remedy

The remedy is prepared by using the fresh venom from the bushmaster snake that goes through extensive series of dilutions before it is safe to use. Since it needs to be diluted numerous times, it is much safer to purchase a commercial preparation that has already been diluted. Be extremely cautious and make sure you find a reputable source before you purchase the remedy.

Blood Thinning Disorders

One of the most used effects of Lachesis Mutus is its blood thinning abilities. This improves blood flow and facilitates the healing process by speeding up the removal of toxins from the blood. This makes it a good choice for many blood disorders. Your homeopath will need to know if your symptoms are affected by cold or hot beverages, walking in the fresh air, changes in the climate, waking up or being touched before they can prescribe Lachesis Mutus for your condition.

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Well, that's a good news since marority believe that they are to be feared. We all know the danger of snake bite because it is life threatening especially if bitten by a venomous snake. This reminds me of a case in Idaho. I remember the hot issue of Ben and Amber Sessions because their house was infested with snakes. But they soon learned their ideal was a waking problem. Their house was breached by a ton of snakes. Here is the proof: . Indeed, snake infestations can be scary, especially for those who are frightened of snakes, or when the snake infestation involves snakes which are venomous. If there are a massive number of snakes, don't do anything stupid, rather phone animal control and have them removed. Well, this is a lesson to all of us that we must be keen in our surroundings.
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