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Know your Ayurvedic herbs - III

Posted Feb 22 2011 8:04am
Chandana: Its botanical name is Santalum album. It is commonly known as sandalwood, chandanan, santal. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat burning sensation, headache, hyper prespiration, skin disease, psychotic ailments, memory loss, cardio myopathy, ulcer, jaundice, cough and inflammations.

Chitrak: Its botanical name is Plumbago zeylanica. It is commonly known as White Leadwort. Its other names are Chitra, Agnimatha, Agnisikha. Chitrak supports the proper function of the liver and the healthy digestion of fat and sugars. It helps energize the body naturally by promoting healthy digestion and the proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients. It is an important herb for weight loss.

Chopchini: Its botanical name is Smilax Chinensis. Its common names are China root, Sarsaparilla, madhusnuhi. It is used in treatment of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, syphilis, skin diseases, epilepsy,flatulence, dyspepsia, constipation, fever and general debility. The rhizome is made into a paste and applied to painful swellings.The root is used as aphrodisiac.

Dadim: Its botanical name is Punica granatum. Its common names are Pomegranate, Anar, Dalim. It is used in treatment of tapeworm infestation, digestive disorder. It is also used for alleviating fatigue and as an aphrodisiac.

Danti: Its botanical name is Baliospermum montanum . Its other names are Nagadanti, Kaduharalu. It helps in relieving from pain and inflammation. It is helpful in indigestion and constipation. It is very much helpful in abdominal disturbances. It stimulates liver for proper functioning. It helps in curbing the infection entering in the body. It is also effective in blood purification. It is very helpful in treating the skin related problems. It also helps in improving the vision.

Daruharidra: Its botanical name is Berberis aristata. Its other names are Tree turmeric, Daruhaldi, Jharihaldi. It is used for treating hepatitis and liver disorders, skin diseases, diseases of the eye, inflammations, wounds, anorexia, dysentery, diabetes, fever and general debility.

Devadali: Its botanical name is Luffa echinata . Its other names are Thorn gourd, Bandaal. It is used for treating skin diseases, inflammations, liver and spleen disorders, intestinal colic, epilepsy, sinusitis, hemorrhoids, edema, cough, bronchitis, Urinary retention, dysmenorrhoea and fever.

Devdaru: Its botanical name is Cedrus deodara. Its other names are Deodar, Himalayan cedar . It is used for treating pain, arthritis, ear ache, inflammation, headache, epilepsy, insomnia, cough, bronchitis, hiccough, diabetes, urinary tract infections, calculi, skin diseases and cardiac disorders.

Devakeli: Its botanical name is Ensete superba. Its other names are Wild plantain, Indian bead. It is used for treating kidney and vesical calculi, urinary retentions, burns and scalds, edema, leucorrhea, menorrhagia and general weakness.

Dathura: Its botanical name is Datura stramonium . Its other names are Datura tree, Angel’s trumpet. t counteracts spasmodic disorders and induces deep sleep. Datura herb is very useful in asthma, when the smoke from the burning leaves are inhaled. Datura fruit is a specific remedy for phlegmatic and bilious type of malarial fever. It is also used in treatment of heart disorders, earache, baldness, problem of breast milk secretion.

Dhanayaka: Its botanical name is Coriandrum sativum. Its other names are Coriander, Dhaniya, Kottambari. It is used for treatment of inflammation, burning sensation, cough, bronchitis, anorexia, colic, flatulence, diarrhea, dysentery, conjunctivitis, headache, bleeding through nose, edema, worm infestation, hemorrhoids and arthritis.

Draksha: Its botanical name is Vitis Vinifera. Its other names are Grape vine, Angoor, Dakh. It is used for treatment of mild hypertension, gout, constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, skin diseases, colic, flatulence, jaundice, vomiting, splenomegaly, arthritis, burning micturition, amenorrhea; and also to strenghten the heart.

Dravanti: Its botanical name is Jatropha curcas. Its other names are Purging nut, Jungli erand, Pahari erand . It is used for treatment of constipation, skin diseases, hemorrhoids, worm infestation, rheumatoid arthritis, and paralysis.

Dronapushpi: Its botanical name is Leucas aspera. Its other names are Thumbe, Chota halkusa. It is used for treatment of inflammation, skin diseases, worm infestation, arthritis, cough, amenorrhea, intermittent fever, Migraine and ulcer.

Dugdhapheni: Its botanical name is Taraxacum officinale. Its other names are Common dandelion, Dudhal, Kanphul. It is used for treatment of chronic ulcers, cough, dyspepsia, colic, flatulence, constipation, kidney diseases, urinary retention, fever, skin diseases, inflammations, gout, stiff joints, insomnia, jaundice, bile stone and other hepatic diseases and general debility.

Dugdhika: Its botanical name is Euphorbia hirta. Its other names are Asthma weed, Cats hair, Lal dudhi. It is used for treatment of asthma, skin diseases, fever, cough, and anorexia. It also has aphrodisiac property.

Durva: Its botanical name is Cynodon dactylon. Its other names are Dhub grass, Bhama grass, Dub. It is used for treatment of burning sensation, haematuria, wounds, conjunctivitis, headache, skin diseases, stomach problems and general debility.

Dusparsa: Its botanical name is Tragia involucrata. Its other names are Stinging nettle,Barhanta. It is used for treatment of constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, skin diseases, loss of hair, vomiting, vertigo, giddiness and headache.
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