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Know about Flu and its Natural management

Posted Oct 02 2010 11:20pm

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is a contagious viral disease, caused by the RNA virus which is more common and winters and early and late rainy seasons in India. A flu infection can turn serious and lead to diseases like pneumonia. This ailment is often treated by home remedies and adequate rest. It spreads through several species of animals, including avian species and mammals. Poultry birds and migratory birds have often acted as the cause behind flu pandemics in recent years. Common signs and symptoms1.     Red eyes and a headache2.     Nasal blocks3.     Pain in body joints4.     Rise in body temperature / FeverCauses
  • If a person afflicted with flu sneezes and coughs, people adjacent to him can get affected by the virus.
  • It can also spread through infected bird droppings.
  • The virus is also capable of spreading through infected body fluids.
·         Flu is extremely contagious and it often assumes the form of a pandemic. The virus of flu is transmitted through air.Home remediesPeople can make use of several home remedies to battle the flu infection.
  • A flu afflicted person should not consume rich and junk foods.
  • One can benefit from drinking herbal tea and eating lot of fresh fruits.
  • A blend of lemon juice, ginger and honey can be put in warm water. This mix can give relief to a flu-affected person.
  • Fresh juice of Adathoda vasica with honey
  • Fresh Ginger juice with honey
  • Extract of fresh ginger, Tenospora cordifolia and solanum indicum with powdered Long pepper is effective in bringing back the normalcy in no time.
 Ayurvedic managementThere are some effective Ayurvedic and herbal remedies for dealing with flu.
  • Flu victims can benefit from steam baths.
  • Essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil can be mixed in the bath for faster relief.
  • Hot herbal teas with extracts of berry and cinnamon can work wonders.
  • Ayurveda medicines like Dasamoola Katu trya kashayam, Vygriyadi Kashayam etc proven good for all types of flu
  • Prevention with Agasthya Rasayanam, Chyavana Prash etc
Yogic managementBoosting immune system is the only and most effective way available to manage flu. This will make less susceptible to flu and other infections.
  • Yoga poses like supine bound angle pose, Shavasana and seated forward bend help in calming the system.
  • To activate the immune system’s primary organ, the thymus gland, postures like bridge, boat, cobra and fish can be practiced.
  • To deal with the menace of a sore throat, which often afflicts flu victims, the lion pose can be practiced.
  • To treat various sinus-related infections and colds a person can resort to Jala Neti.
ConclusionOnly and the most effective way to prevent flu is to strengthen the immune system. Rest, Ayurveda and herbal remedies and basic physical and yogic exercises can make the person less susceptible for flu and heals the body faster if infected.rVita currently enrolling patients for Online / physical ‘Flu program’ with Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet and Nutrition therapies. Please call 1800 425 4325 (India Only) or 95001 23412 /consult@rvita.comfor more details. Alternatively click the ‘rVita personalized consultation’ tab for one time rVita consultation. 
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