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Kissing Frog Syndrome

Posted Sep 24 2008 11:52am


We all know the story about the lil Princess who kisses the frog and he turns into a Prince,right?  Evidentally, some of us actually took that story to heart, and believed it, because there sure is a lot frog kissing going on.  So, I am here to set the story straight.  Go ahead and sit down, because the truth ”ain’t” pretty.  

Many women like to kiss frogs.  Some even become chronically attracted to them after kissing so many of them. They see so much good in them. They are often quite charming.  They often exude lots of charisma, power and strength. They promise you the sun, moon, and stars.  Never mind that they also excel at hopping from “lily pad” to “lily pad” with the greatest of ease, and deliver so much pain, anguish and suffering. The words they say sound so good.

Unfortunately, until we fix whatever is broken within our own selves, we will continue to attract and kiss frogs. Even after we have dealt with those characteristics, we still may have an attraction for frogs but we won’t allow ourselves to be drowned in the pond with them. 

In a nutshell, beware of frogs. They don’t don’t turn into princes. They only make a princess feel like a toad.


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