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July Is Eye Injury Prevention Month

Posted Jul 15 2009 5:49pm

eye injury prevention month A friendly reminder to all visitors: your sight is precious. Eye Injury Prevention Month reminds us to take simple measures toward protecting our arguably most value sense.

The stats are frightening. Eye injuries happen more than 2,000 times a given day, the majority occurring on the job. I have to confess to being a part of those statistics. At one time, I worked at a pet store. The store had over 40 aquariums set up on wrought-iron brackets. I remember going underneath to check on hosing for a pump that appeared to not be working. That’s when it happened. A fleck of rusted iron fell into my eye.

The pain was horrible. Imagine trying to drive yourself to the emergency clinic, tears streaming down your face, trying to negotiate the parking deck. Not pretty. That particular instant reminded me of the importance of appropriate eye protection. I knew there was a risk, yet I acted inappropriately. Instead, I was left with a sore eye and having to wear an eye patch for several days.

Eyesight is so important. It is definitely worth taking the time to protect your eyes under hazardous conditions. Regular eye check-ups are also in order. Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can be detected through routine eye exams.

Imagine not being able to see your spouse smiling lovingly at you. Imagine not being able to see your children, your grandchildren, taking their first steps, graduating from high school. Imagine not being able to see lakes and seas, mountains and deserts, forests and wetlands. Your sight is a gift to be nurtured and cared for. This month, remember your eyes.
Photo by Look Into My Eyes

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