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Is there any alternative treatment for Epigastric Hernia?

Posted by jenntucson

Hello, I have used alternative medicine and chinese medicine practices for a number of Years. However I have just found a hernia near my belly button, brought on by coughing I did for three weeks when I had the flu. Since we are not economically in a position where I can choose my healthcare, we are being told that the only viable solution is surgery, which is another reason, I am in this predicament, I believe, as I had my only surgery 14 years ago, for endometriosis. It made my stomach wall weak in this area, and the hernia is right near the scar. Sorry to ramble...any ideas would be appreciated more than you know. Bless you, Jenn
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Contact a massage therapist in your area that specializes in Pfrimmer Deep Tissue Massage. There are techniques associated with massage that may be able to strengthen the stomach wall and prevent the reoccurrence of the hernia. It won't completely fix the problem, but it may help.
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