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Is the Hidden Unfermented Soy in Your Foods Contributing to Illness?

Posted Mar 14 2011 10:45am
This is another terrific article from Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D. Soy is touted as a health food, but the soy found in many processed foods is a far, far cry from soy originally tested for health benefits.

Article: Is the Hidden Unfermented Soy in Your Foods Contributing to Illness?

I discovered many years ago that my body doesn't tolerate soy. When I tried changing to a vegetarian diet, I consumed soy burger patties, soy crumbles, soy sausage, tofu, soy milk, you name it. I always had an upset stomach. A good friend of mine believes her kidney stones were caused in part by switching to almost all soy products when she too was trying to go vegetarian.

Why was soy pushed on the public as a health food? Reading the article, it seems to be a the old song, the old story. An industry is born to encourage growing soy beans for oils. Soybean oil replaces palm and coconut oils, many of which need to be imported, and which are used in snack foods and candy. Farmers in the USA dutifully grow more soybeans. Soybeans are traditionally livestock food - not people food. Byproducts from processing the soybeans for oil are mixed with other artificial junk to create a food additive.

Scared yet?

It turns my stomach to think of what may be in some of those convenience foods. For many years, I consumed tons of junk food. I was a total junk food junkie. I always had a bag of chips on my desk, candy bars stashed in my office, bowls of candy and snacks around. I still slip up and eat too many processed and packaged cookies or my nemesis, those cheese cracker-things. But thank God I am not what I was. Every day I take a little step forward.

Read the original article to learn more about this important information. Soy is not a health food for many least not the frankensoy included in many processed foods!
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