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Is It Unhealthy to Eat Too Much of One Thing?

Posted Apr 05 2010 1:16am

This question has been pondered by many people.  We all have our favorite foods, some are healthy and some are not.  The question can be answered many different ways depending on exactly which one thing you are eating too much of.

is it unhealthy to eat too much of one thing

When Is It Unhealthy to Eat Too Much of One Thing?

When your overindulgence of one thing is a food or beverage that is unhealthy to begin with then yes, it is unhealthy to eat too much of one thing.  At times, even when the food you are eating is otherwise considered being healthy, overeating it can cause health issues.   A good example of this is eating too many carrots; the beta carotene in carrots can cause a discoloration to the pigmentation of your skin.

If you are eating foods that are full of fats and carbohydrates and this is all you include in your daily diet, this could be unhealthy for you. Excessive sugar and caffeine intake can complicate existing health conditions or lead to the development of new health problems.

Is It Unhealthy to Eat Too Much of One Thing When Managing Your Weight?

If you are eating nutritious meals and your daily intake meets the requirements of the daily intakes from the food pyramids you can sometimes eat the same thing each day. The body requires certain amounts of various minerals and vitamins that we receive from the foods we eat. It is okay to eat something because you like it as long as you are giving your body adequate nutrition to meet its needs. For example, if you are snacking daily on vegetables or fruits during your diet in small amounts but are still including nutrients in your diet this can be helpful to you in managing your goals.

Is It Unhealthy to Eat Too Much of One Thing When it has No Calories?

Calories are not the only part of a food that has an effect on our body.  Even food with no calorie counts can be bad for you in other ways.  Read labels to determine what is in the product and what the product can contribute to the health of your body.  An example would be diet soft drinks which contain no calories but do contain caffeine.  An excessive amount of diet soft drinks may not add any calories to your diet but large amounts of caffeine can lead to health problems.

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