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Is Healing Energy Really Healing Information?

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:28am 1 Comment
June 7, 2007
I have been reading "The Intelligent Universe" by James Gardner lately and have been fascinated by his idea of the universe as an intelligent entity. He posits the hypothesis that life and intelligence are the primary cosmic phenomena and that all things derive from this intelligence. He calls his idea the Selfish Biocosm hypothesis. According to this hypothesis the universe moves in a direction to preserve information much like a living organism preserving the information stored in its genes. In my nearly twenty year exploration of alternative medicine and healing I have often wondered about the concept of healing "energy." Healing energy is a mysterious thing indeed. Many people can definitely feel it but it escapes scientific measurement. When scientists try to measure energy in the form of the four forces of nature (electromagnetic, gravity, strong and weak nuclear) they usually come up empty handed. My hypothesis about healing; that all healing is in essence exchanges of information provides an answer to the mystery of healing energy. I conjecture that there is no healing energy but a source of healing information. All living beings exist in what could be called a field of information that is constantly changing with each tick of the cosmic clock. All living beings also capture information in order to exist and survive (see my article on life, healing and information). If there is any truth to Gardner's Selfish Biocosm hypothesis then what may be experienced as healing energy may really be healing information directly from the cosmos. For more information see "The Intelligent Universe" by James GardnerMy book "Unlocking the Healing Code" will be released in Dec., 2007.
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The DVD, "The Healing Matrix" is full of information about energy and healing.  It addresses the Zero Point Field which seems to speak to the empty space between quantum bits of matter -- in what appears to be empty is information.  Thanks for your entry.
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