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Iodine and Thyroid

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:45pm

I was wandering if you had experience with using Iodine for a sluggish Thyroid. The skin patch was gone in 41/2 hrs. I have read that the need for Iodine is 12 mg. Others say that it should not exceed the RDA, and there is also advice in between these extremes. Also what type of Iodine, Lugol’s, Atomadine (Cayce), Iodomere, Prolamine. Is the liquid solution superior to the capsules or tablets?

I would try other routes before you start messing with the thyroid.

  1. Estrogen dominance will inhibit T3 to T4 conversion. This slows the thyroid down.
  2. Soy and fluoride do the same above. This will slow the thyroid down.
  3. Being in a state of adrenal fatigue will slow the thyroid down. Have you done an adrenal test?
  4. On a more spiritual level, I have found that when people hold things in (emotions from being at a job they dislike or in a relationship that lacks communication OR when one is not honest with self), that these people typically have thyroid issues.

Joshua Rubin

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