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Introducing: The Food Diamond

Posted Aug 07 2009 9:37am

applepyramid_klmontgomery_sm Most of us are familiar with the food pyramid, which provides nutrition guidelines as suggested by USDA. But Dr. Robert Willix, Jr., CEO of Cenegenix Medical Institiute of Boca Raton has changed the shape of nutrition when he designed the Food Diamond.

Dr. Willix, originally a heart surgeon, believes that the nutrition diagram he created should replace the current USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid. Willix added that the food pyramid promotes a diet that says all carbohydrates are good; all fats are bad; all protein sources are nutritionally the same; and all dairy is equal. He explains that current nutritional guidelines promoted by the USDA Food Guide Pyramid are the reason why more than 64 percent of American adults and over 30 percent of American children are overweight or morbidly obese.

Since the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid was first published in 1992, depicting the recommended number of servings for each food group a person should consume daily to keep healthy; more than two-thirds of Americans have grown overweight or obese with the number of cases of type 2 diabetes on the rise, especially in children.

That’s when Dr. Willix left the world of cardiovascular surgery to establish the Cenegenics Medical Institute of Boca Raton which he describes as empowering the health-minded individual with a proactive solution for maximizing health, vitality and peak performance while preventing the early onset of chronic disease.

The Cenegenics Food Diamond

The Cenegenics Food Diamond is a groundbreaking diamond-shaped nutritional model that completely obliterates the nutritional guidelines illustrated in the USDA’s MyPyramid. Unlike the USDA food guide, the Cenegenics Food Diamond calls for water as the central component of a healthy diet and fresh vegetables (organic, cooked or raw) followed by lean protein (fresh water fish, free range hormone free poultry and grass fed hormone free meat, shellfish, tofu, soymilk and soybeans.

Food Pyramid Vs. Food Diamond

USDA Food Guide Pyramid is based on a carbohydrate rich diet (grains and starches), high amounts of dairy (milk, cheese, and yogurt), the Cenegenics Food Diamond calls for organic hormone free low fat dairy options, including Omega 3 enriched organic hormone free eggs.

Cenegenics Food Diamond also calls for the strategic use of healthy fats (nuts and seeds, olive oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, olives, avocado, organic almond butter; organic cashew butter) grains and legumes (steel cut oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, beans) which fall at the top and bottom portions of the vertical diamond shape. A modest amount of fresh, organic, low glycemic fruits (citrus, berries, apples and pears) is also part of Cenegenics Food Diamond recommendations.


Source: Cenegenics Atlanta

Image by klmontgomery.

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