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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:24pm


Gone to bed and having trouble actually going to sleep? Are thoughts rushing through your mind like a runaway train? Or have you gone to sleep and then suddenly woken up thinking of something you should have done, and can’t go back to sleep? We all have trouble sleeping once in a while, but sometimes stress and other factors contribute to insomnia that can last weeks, months, and even years. It’s estimated that 20%-40% of people suffer from chronic insomnia and its no fun!

St. Anne's Spa may be a place where you have been able to sleep peacefully. Taking yourself away from the stresses and strains of everyday life can be helpful, but what happens when you return to work or home? The surroundings may not be as restful as they are at the spa. If you find yourself tossing and turning when your head hits the pillow, and worrisome thoughts just keep crowding in on you then it may be time for you to learn a way to withdraw from the world naturally into a peaceful sleep.

Sleep is both precious and precarious. It is precious in the sense that we cannot do without it. We must sleep, we must dream, and we must awake the next day to carry on with tasks that are appropriate to being awake. Sleep is also appropriately restorative -- there is a lot going on during sleep we are unaware of in our conscious mind, sometimes that includes dreaming, and in the deeper stages of sleep, restoration and regeneration of cells. Sleep is not simply rest without restoration. Sleep is precarious in the sense that there are many things that can disrupt it -- particularly in a world where psychological stress during the day is ongoing.

I have just released a 2-CD set called, "Learn to Sleep Peacefully -- Awake Refreshed" designed to help you to learn about sleep, how to sleep peacefully at night, and even how to have a power nap during the day to energize you. The two CDs are designed to help you to learn how to sleep peacefully, restoratively, and awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. When you learn some of the simple principles found on this CD, sleep will become much more restful and much less precarious. The CDs contain information on proper sleep patterns, how to prepare for sleep, and even two tracks on the ‘power nap’ – how to take an energizing daytime nap. Although napping during the day is controversial amongst sleep specialists, it is becoming more popular and better understood. In fact, recent studies have shown that naps as short as 30 minutes a few times a week can even reduce the risk of heart disease. The second CD is a standalone CD for use just at night or whenever you sleep for long periods of time. Gentle hypnotic voices and calming sounds lull you into a deep sleep state.

The CD set is available at both the Ste Anne’s boutique and front desk, and samples are available in the rooms for you to try when you come for a visit. Since insomnia is such a problem for so many people I am going to offer a one hour sleep clinic for visitors to Ste. Anne’s Spa. If you are interested in such a clinic please indicate this by clicking on the email link and putting “interested in insomnia clinic” in the subject line. If we get enough people, we will set up a clinic just for you.

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