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Injection & Pain: Don't look

Posted May 08 2012 10:04pm
It is often inevitable in order to maintain health or to overcome ill health that we have to subject to jabs either for inoculation or to deliver medications. If we are badly injured, we may have to be stitched up to close the wound. This inevitable means pain.

A good tip to reduce the pain is to not look as the needle invade our body. This is confirmed by scientific studies which showed subjects feeling less pain when looking at pleasant images.

In one study, subjects felt less pain when their arms are zapped with electric current while simultaneously looking at happy faces than when looking at sad faces

In another study, subjects also felt less pain when zapped with electric current while simultaneously looking at a screen which showed an arm being jabbed with needle than which showed it being jabbed with cotton bud.

Source: Perceptions 'can make pain worse'
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