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Imagine A Woman (Rita’s Open Journal)

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:31am


(Two Matriarchs. My Aunt Angie and my mother.)

I read a poem today that I have read many times. I love the poem “Imagine A Woman” by Patricia Lynn Reilly. Every time I read it, I examine the areas of my own life in each verse.  I check to see if I am “there” yet. 

I am still working on the last part of that poem that states:

“Imagine a woman who honors the face of the Goddess in her changing face.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use precious energy disguising the changes in her body and life.”

I want to be THAT woman.  I am not there yet. 

I am too busy ridding my body of white hair that springs up ANYWHERE. Coloring what can be seen and shaving what cannot.  I am still in a full fledged battle with wrinkles, bags, and sags.  Buying expensive anti-aging face cream, zapping my face daily with an electrical device to stimulate my skin, and smearing down my eyes at night with vaseline to lock the moisture in to keep the wrinkles out.  It can hardly be said that I am honoring the Goddess in my changing face, and refusing to use precious energy to disguise the changes in my body and my life.  

Still, I admire mature women (or “women of experience” as I prefer to call them) who refuse to color their hair, who are so comfortable with who they are inside that they don’t feel compelled to yield to society’s idea of beauty. Never feeling the need to appear younger than they are, but instead feel confident in their years. Their beauty shines from within rather than from without. They are comfortable in their own skin.  I don’t know how they arrived at that place, but I hope one day to get there, because one thing is for certain, physical beauty is fleeting. No one can hold onto it forever.  A pretty face will only go with you so far, and once it disappears, you need to be able to look in the mirror and still like who is looking back at you from beyond the wrinkles.

Speaking of being comfortable in your own skin…

I read an article today that states a survey shows that Americans are losing interest in dieting.  It’s about time, don’t ya think? Especially since it’s been proven over and over again that dieting does not work!   It becomes a vicious cycle of deprivation, weight loss, bingeing, and weight gain. Sometimes you end up weighing more after the diet than you did before you began.  At least that has been my experience.   I think moderation, exercise, and common sense are the keys. 


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