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I have Vit B6 toxicity. My levels are normal now but I continue to suffer with terrible symptoms.Why?

Posted by susan m.

Four years ago, I developed a tingling sensation across the top of my nose. A few days later, my teeth felt sensitive, but there was no pain. (This was also the very  same month I  went into menopause). About 2 months later,  I was having hot flashes, night sweats, found out I had endometriosis, and the top and bottom 4 teeth  that were sensitive were now experiencing nerve pain--severe and chronic.  One month later, my tongue, gums and roof of mouth started to burn like I  had scaleded my mouth. I went to dentists, neurologists, ENT's, internists, chiropractors and many more. I had all kinds of neurological and lab tests done. All were negative and I was tested for everything. A  trip to the Mayo Clinic determined I had toxic levels of B6 (139). I had never been tested before for B6 toxicity. This  was last Nov 2009. By then I had to quit work because I had severe numbness and burning in my  hands and feet (difficulty walking), headaches, my teeth pain continued but now all my teeth were numb and I was also having muscles aches and soreness, fatigue and heart palipatations. I can't imagine how taking a chewable children's vit could cause B6 toxicity, but I learned that it is possible that the liver is not  converting the pyrodoxine to the P-5-P form, so the pyrodoxine floats around  and is toxic because it is not in its chemical form.

My questions are: Could toxic levels of B6 be the cause of my many symptoms?

Why the teeth and mouth? My research shows it primarily affects feet and hands. I haven't heard of people with chronic and severe nerve pain in their teeth and mouth? Why am I feeling worse instead of feeling better now that my levels are normal. I have heard the recovery  period  is 1-3 years. Please help me. I welcome anything you can offer to help me to understand this better.(My family dr never heard of B6  toxicity).

Thank you! Susan

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why not try homeopathy.  i wouldn't want to wait 1-3 yrs for relief with those symptoms.  it sounds horrible, poor you.

i don't like doing this, recommending remedies off the top, bit i think trying homeopathic hypericum would not hurt.  it is a remedy known for nerve injuries, particularly crushed fingers/toes.  but i have used it for sciatica successfully.  it will tone down the nerve inflammation or sensitivity if that is what is happening.

 other than that, i would seek professional homeopathy care to help rebalance your body.

 btw,  were your vitamins natural or synthetic?  most (all) toxic reactions occur with synthetic vitamins.

 good luck

Hi Susan, How have you managed to leave thee Mayo without moredetailed knowledge of your condition - why are you on the internet - you should take these questions and any information (print it out )back to your doctor to discuss - shame on them!

Know you are not alone- hop over to the medhelp.orgforums if you haven't yet and look for the nutrition forum or type in "B6 neuropathy".  If you have killed dorsal root ganglia in your spine they will not regrow. That would make you numb and extremely clumsy and wobbly on your feet so pain is probably GOOD sign that something still works! You have to regrow the myelin heal around your nerve axons ( the conducting wires) and heal the dorsal ganglia ( the body of the spinal nerves) with the right nutrition - not necessarily suppplements but they MAY speed things along. If you have not had a b12level done you need that - and at the higher end of normal is better. It is one of the harder to obtain B vitamins and necessary for myelin. B6 is more stable and relatively easy to get from a healthy diet - just watch out for fortified foods. But having said that the symptoms of B6 deficiency are the same! So a periodic blood test is best. You need all the other B vitamins and the right fats too. You stay away from sugar and alcohol and other nerve poisons. explains it very well but watch out their supplement has pyridoxine in it.

Thorne research make a product called "neurochondria" which has no B6 in it which wiil point you at the sort of foods to look for

Exercise and sunshine are good for healing and so is microcurrent therapy. 

There is another chinese medicinal treatment that you can research which may be of use  - velvet deer antler. It has natural growth factors like IGF-1 that regrows nerves in it. Again ask your doctor!

Hi Carolyn!

Thank you for your reply. As a matter of fact, I am a member of the Medhelp forum.

I don't know if I have killed the dorsal root ganglia in my spine. Is there a test for this? I have been tested for almost everything and had a MRI or a CT of my spine and was told it was normal. I am taking acetyl L carnitine as well as fish oil-DHA and sublingual methyl B12 suggested to me by Dr Andrew Weil. I also see a dr of oriental medicine who is treating me, but I will mention to him the velvet deer antler. I am wobbly and clumsy in my feet. I still experience nerve pain, numbness, burning, tingling, stinging sensations as well as fatigue and muscle aches. I have only been off B6 supplements for 6 months now. Also, can you explain to me why so many of us have joints that crack, snap and pop? I also have clicking sounds when I move my mouth to talk or sip coffee. A dr told me that it was probably related to the B6 and called it hypersensitivity parathesisas-abnormal conduction of the nerves. Are you familiar with this condition? And another question I have is: what is the difference between the nerve pain and numbness and burning I had BEFORE I got my diagnosis and the nerve pain and numbness and burning etc I have while I am detoxing? I still feel pretty bad. I cannot work and have applied for diability. The attorney is not familiar with this condition and is not aware of how debilitating it can be. I had my B6 checked two months after I went to the Mayo and they are at a normal 12. But I am still suffering. I will have my B12 checked when I go back in a couple of months. Are you a nurse or a doctor?

Please write me back. I am grateful that you took the time to explain to me what is going on and I appreciate your suggestions.'

Thank you!





have you kept a journal of your food intake and daily lifestyle choices?

do you have dental amalgams? (silver fillings)  crowns? (nickel) root canals or other dental work? 

No Kristy. I have not kept a journal. Most of my teeth pain are in the teeth that have no fillings, which are the top and botton front teeth.

you may want to start journaling all of your symptoms, food intake and changes, so you have a reference to check.  this is more important that people realize, and is an excellent tool.

do you have metal or root canals in your mouth?  metals can cause serious symptoms and health implications.  many 'unexplained' health issues are a result of dental work.  teeth relate to other areas in the body.  you can google an  acumeridian tooth-organ relationship chart for your own reference. 

Hi Kristy,

Yes, I have silver fillings in my teeth, however, most of my pain is in the teeth that have no fillings. I have been seen by some of the best dentist, even made a trip to Fl to see a specialist and could not find anything wrong with the nerves in my teeth.

It wasn't until I went to the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with B6 toxicity that confirmed my symptoms. Since then, I have joined a forum of fellow B6 sufferers and like myself, some of them have teeth pain and oral/facial pain. So we believe it is the B6 causing induced neuropathy and the healing is very slow and very  painful.

There is no quick fix. It takes time for the body to rid itself of the  B6 stored in our nerves and tissues. Doctors are not very informed about this condition, in fact, my family physician has never heard of it. I told him to educated himself about it in case he ever sees a patient like me in his office. It is a very  misunderstood condition. We are doing alot of research on it, but there is limited info about the complexity and severity  of this condition.

i understand.  my point is about anything that could be causing your pain.  and you're right, there's no quick fix.  the body takes whatever time it needs to detox.  you need to be very aware of everything you put in your mouth, meaning, journal your food intake.  it needs to be organic, no antibiotics/hormones.  drink plenty of pure water.  i've already mentioned this to you...and it's an important, helpful measure.  

mercury amalgams can create severe toxicity in your body, which will cause pain.  are the dentists you see biological dentists?  are they IAOMT dentists?  not all dentists have equal/current training....even ones from the "best" dental schools.  you should be seeing a biological IAOMT dentist.  root canals can leak, causing systemic infections....more toxicity.  

you may be surprised how eliminating/reducing new toxins will relieve your kidneys/liver of it's burden, so that new toxins may be eliminated. this will naturally speed your healing process and reduce your pain.

HI Susan.  I too have B6 toxicity.  I was over 140.  I had only taken a GNC supplement for a couple of months when I started developing pain , numbness tingling etc.  I had to diagnose myself as I pushed for answers/test for my issues.  My GP saw the tst result and thoguht it was ok.  All docs think B6 is water soluable so it shouldnt be a problem.  This was in follow up to me having Flagyl centrla nervous system tocity, so my nervous system has really been screwed up.  I have read that it takes up to 6 months for the side effects to resolve.  After 2 months with me my feet are feeling better, still having some tingling in my arms and hands, and my walking is still a little difficult.  I have days when I can run and others when it is tough to.  Here's to boht of us making a full recovery ASAP.  Id do go to a holistic doctor for B6 detox.  My B6 level two months later is 10.

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