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I have some unusual swelling in my middle toe. its turning a light purple and i've had it for weeks.

Posted by rcolerh

I'm not sure how this happened and im pretty sure i did nothing to damage it. i've had 2 MRI's, one with contrast, one without. i've had several x-rays and two sets of bloodwork. the pain is very slight and minimal. on some days its worse than others. depending on the day and how much i walk around on it it'll swell and turn either a light purple or red. my doctor says its not broken and also assures me that the bone is not infected. But from the MRI's it is apparent that there is at least some infection in the tissue surrounding the bone. for treatment they gave me some Keflex to take every 6 hours and told me to take 600 miligrams of motrin every 8 hours. they put me in a cast but it doesnt help whatsoever. i'm hoping someone can help me... i've had this almost 2 months... please?

I don't even know what community to put this under... so please have patience with my post and help me out. i'm only 18 years old. if you know where i should post this question, please comment on it.

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Thanks for all the detail...that really helps.  Are you having any other systemic symptoms (i.e. fever, digestive problems, nausea, inability to concentrate, fatigue).   Is it possible that you were bitten by a spider or tick?    Please add additional details so we can more closely address your situation.

Acupuncture and herbs could help...whether it be infection or circulatory problem or mystery problem.  You don't need an official "western medical diagnosis" for an acupuncturist/practitioner of Traditional Oriental Medicine to help you.



I have the same problem that comes back every 4 or 5 months.  My acupuncturist told me it was circulation, which doesn't make sense because I exercise and am a healthy weight.

i'll just throw some possibilities out there, because you could be suffering from more symptoms that weren't mentioned.

could be nerves (stress-related).  reynaud's syndrome.  fungus, but probably not.  

is there fluid under the skin?  did you notice an insect puncture in the affected area?

sounds like it could be some sort of blockage where acupuncture may help.

does soaking your foot in an epsom salt or dead sea salt bath help or aggravate the condition? 

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