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I had this article posted in Mar...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm
I had this article posted in March of last year, but thought it bears reviewing...quite amusing. And, we all certainly need the power of humor these days. Enjoy!

Complaints Choir

Do you have a complaint? Well, join the choir! A complaints choir, that is. I had a good laugh the other day, when I saw a video on the Web of the Complaints Choir of Birmingham (England). Here was a group of people, not trained singers, who got together to sing a string of complaints that had been woven into a song by a local musician. The complaints ranged from trains that were never on time, to bananas that don't ripen, expensive beer, dead-end jobs, bad hair days, and other people never sharing their biscuits.

Evidently, the complaints choir was the brainchild of a Finnish couple, Tellervo and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. They had been discussing the huge energy that people seem to put into complaining that could be directed into something else. In Finnish, there is an expression called "Valituskuoro" – which means a "Complaints Choir" – a situation where many people are complaining at the same time. They thought it would be interesting to take this "Complaints Choir" idea literally, and organize a real one.

This idea started to catch on, and so far there have been Complaints Choirs organized in Helsinki, St. Petersburg (Russia), and Hamburg, with more to come all around the world. Now, I think this is a great idea. There's good psychology behind it. It's well-known that the act of singing helps release emotions, and singing about your complaints helps defuse them. Not to mention that it begins to seem silly, and helps you see the light side of things.

So, Lydia, the next time you're feeling frustrated, why not try putting your complaints to a little tune or chant and singing them away? You don't need to join an official choir or even be able to carry a tune. You can even get creative and see how many complaints you can put together.

Have fun with it – and sing your cares away!
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