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I am looking for a natural supplement or ideas?

Posted by xweetock

Help please :( I have had my throid removed 3 yrs ago and soon as swelling went down noticed right saliva gland under chin and by ear was swelling.  been to 2 ent's one decided saliva stone and tried to dialate my saliva gland all he did was cause pain and more swelling I demanded a picture to be taken and there was no stone (after going to the emergency room over the weekend because the swelling got so severe i couln't swollow my spit.  Went to a rheumotologist tested for ana's or something like that for sjgrens lupus and more so they say all negative which is good but i just need the swelling to leave sometimes with shortness of breath which is very scary. I thought about mabey there is a natural supplement but I have no idea how to decide which one. any input is appreciated.


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Hi Stephanie:  Do you have dry mouth?  If your doctors have ruled out infection and autoimmune disease then it is time to find an acupuncturist, who can really help you with this! Good luck!
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