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Posted by ruditudi

a ecloogical person  told me my hypothalmus was struggling.

I have experienced temperature fluctuations and sleep problems and dont know my taste buds anymore.

I was told to try reiki

Has any one experienced any of this


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Reiki can open up energy channels and allow the body's energy to flow more freely. It may also be able to remove blockages in certain areas. You might also try getting a massage. I know that sounds odd, but a massage will break up loose toxins and help the body get rid of them. If there is anything impeding the function of the hypothalamus, that may do the trick. Whether you try reiki or a massage, you should still consult a physician or naturopath to make sure there isn't a more serious underlying cause. These problems could also be related to hormone imbalances with the thyroid and adrenals. Better safe than sorry, you might want to check with your physician.

temperature and sleep problems are indicative of a variety of health issues.  

have you experienced a head injury?  

what other symptoms are you experiencing? 

it may be helpful to journal your food intake for a minimum of 2 weeks and have a naturopath or certified nutritionist review it with you for deficiencies.  

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