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Huna (Hidden) Sec ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:42pm

Huna(Hidden) Secrets

Waiho wale kahiko.
Translation: Ancient secrets are now revealed.

The word huna means “that which is hidden or not obvious" and is used today to refer to a system of knowledge about the nature of the universe that empowers the practitioner. In ancient Hawaii the kapu system forbade the sharing of the knowledge of the kahuna. Kapu are restrictions on behavior that are believed to have been implemented by a Tahitian named Pa’ao. Although kahuna are commonly referred to as priests and priestesses, in ancient times doctors, lawyers, architects, scientists, and agriculturalists were also were also considered kahuna because they shared esoteric knowledge.

Serge Kahili King, a teacher of Hawaiian spirituality, describes the history of the kahuna:

At some point in time, long before the rise of Atlantis, a race of men (beings) came to this solar system from a star cluster known as the Pleiades. Most of the star men (beings) settled on a continent in the Pacific known today as Mu. They called themselves the People of Mu, but others called them Manahuna or Menehune, ‘the people of the secret power’. Their knowledge was Huna, a fundamental philosophy for successful living.

They began to teach this knowledge to the people of Earth. Because many different languages were spoken and because their own was partly telepathic and difficult to learn, the teachers of Mu created a new language that was simple to learn. This language was structured to contain the Huna knowledge within it in a way that would ensure its survival for as long as the language remained in use. Today we know that language as Polynesian, and traces of it are found all over the world.

King goes on to say that due to a great war the planet tumbled into a new orbit further from the sun and that the stress of the change caused intense volcanic and earthquake activity. Old lands sank beneath the sea in some places and new lands rose in others. The little people from Mu were blamed and persecuted for the disasters and were forced into hiding. Traces of them are found in stories around the world that tell of a race of little people and their magical abilities.

Serge also claims that much of the knowledge of Mu has been preserved by a group of psychics who live in different parts of the world and are telepathically linked to one another. Until recently they worked behind the scenes for the good of humanity. However, since the current changes in communication, the expansion of consciousness, and our growing need to understand alternate realities, the knowledge needs to be spread as far and wide as possible. Many other Hawaiian spiritual teachers also feel that this is the time for sharing the wisdom of Hawaiian spiritual teachings.

Sometimes we place restrictions on ourselves that limit our possibilities. Moving beyond such limitations requires that we expand our awareness in order to increase our possibilities.

One way to do so is to draw upon a philosophy called Huna, a blend of Hawaiian and Western teachings that is based on the following seven principles:

1. You create your own reality ('Ike).
2. You are unlimited (Kala).
3. You get what you concentrate on (Makia).
4. The moment of power is now (Manawa).
5. To love is to be happy with (Aloha).
6. All power comes from within (Mana).
7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth (Pono).

Huna is about the balance and harmony between the mind (mana'o), heart (pu'uwai), and spirit (na'au). Hawaiian chants, songs, and stories are filled with double meaning, veiled references, and implication called kaona. Use these principles to look for the hidden possibilities in any situation.

You can checkout the Aloha International website, for additional insight.

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