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Human Pride - Authentic SELF

Posted Jul 18 2011 10:25am
By Carol Harblin (CHHC)

I see so many people trying to show a shred of self-confidence and self-esteem. People are always trying to display and be proud of their identity. There is gay pride, even Italian pride, Irish pride, African pride, but why do we segregate ourselves into groups?

It's almost like we are back in the segregating days of the early 20th Century with apartheid. Of course it is good to be proud of who we are and where we came from, but what's wrong with just being a person? Showing HUMAN pride. Or Individual Pride for instance, for me, "Carol Pride."
We come from the Earth. We are in the world.

Why do we feel it necessary to vandalize our bodies with graffiti in order to show an identity?

There are many ways we can show our OWN identity. There is no two people exactly alike - even identical twins. We have our own talents and our own skills. It is up to us to enhance and encourage our special talents and skills. These special skills could be playing a musical instrument, oil painting, endurance running, excelling in academics or a specific sport. We all have some area we excel in, and it is that area that will help us to live our lives because we are following our true selves.

Being heterosexual, homosexual, Irish, or African isn't going to pay the bills, and it doesn't demonstrate your special abilities. Be an authentic YOU. You can still be homosexual or asexual. Your sexual activity or your sexual preferences does not show me WHO you are or WHAT your talents are or your work ethic is. When we talk to people, look into their eyes and see the real person within.

After all these special group pride parades, I think there should be a HUMAN pride....or a SELF pride.

Sexual orientation should NOT matter and it does NOT make us who we are. Our personalities and our talents and skills make us who we are.

Leave sex in the bedroom, and come out to the living room for a real conversation. Heterosexuals and homosexuals....does it matter? We are all human beings no matter what. It's just like what Martin Luther King said, there is one race...the human race. It shouldn't matter about black, white, Italian, Indian, French, Irish....we are the HUMAN RACE....just as we should have HUMAN pride. Let go of all those little labels. Labels are limiting. Don't say you are straight or gay. It doesn't show me anything. Show me who and what you can do as YOU. This has more meaning.
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