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How to Stop Gray Hair with Medicine

Posted Mar 24 2010 3:28pm

While we are all certainly either fighting or fearing the effects of gray hair as we age, medical science has not yet determined a pharmacological solution to stop gray hair. There are some home remedies available and there is much focus on prevention.

how to stop gray hair with medicine

Preventing Gray Hair

Changes in your diet may be the cause of your gray hair.  Hair color needs vitamins and minerals which include copper, iron, iodine and Vitamin B to have proper nourishment.  Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet and avoid over exposing your hair to the sun. Make sure your hair is being properly cared for; it should be clean but not overly washed in hot water.  Try to avoid using heated hair appliances that damage the oils in our hair.

Natural Remedies for Treating Gray Hair

There are some natural remedies that may affect gray hair.  These are not medicines. And you have to be willing to work at the preparation.  No clinical studies have proven them to work but there is support from stories told.  Using the vegetable Amaranth, squeeze the amaranth and apply the juice directly onto your hair.  This is said to work well for those who are prematurely gray.  Curry leaves are another natural treatment and can help hair roots retain strength and pigmentation.  Purchase curry leaves at your local grocery store and blend them into chutney. There are some people who believe that sage and rosemary blended in equal amounts into a tea may slow gray hair growth.  Strain the leaves and apply the juice of the tea directly onto the hair.  This process should be repeated daily and color will gradually return while gray hair disappears.

Still No Way to Stop Gray Hair with Medicine

There have been no medical solutions for treating or reversing gray hair that have been approved by the FDA.  Many scientists and doctors agree that how to stop gray hair with medicine has not yet been discovered.

A Hair Study done at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University with the aid of John Hopkins Institute of Stem Cell Research reported that as we age the pigment cells in the follicles of our hair while determine hair color are depleted – drained away by DNA damage.  We are not able to avoid the damage, but in knowing what causes gray hair scientists and researchers are hopeful that there could be a breakthrough in chemical productions that could fool hair cells into not losing their pigmentation properties.  There is high hope that medication will be available some day but that day is not today.

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