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How to Stop Bruises from Hurting

Posted Mar 30 2010 10:51pm

Bruises can not only be unattractive, they can also be painful.  Not all pain at the site of a bruise is attributed to the bruise itself; it may be a deeper more serious injury.

how to stop bruises from hurting

What Causes a Bruise?

A bruise forms when blood vessels under the skin rupture.  Usually we bruise after an injury such as bumping into an object or having an accident. The vessel ruptures and blood seeps into the tissue surrounding the area.  It can swell and become discolored.  Bruises can also be painful.

As we age we tend to bruise more easily from simple injuries.  Specifically injuries to the hands, feet, legs and forearms are more likely to bruise.  The skin becomes less elastic and thinner as we age because we have less fat under the skin to cushion it from minor injuries.

Why Does a Bruise Hurt?

The injury that caused the bruise may be the source of the pain around a bruise.  You might have bruised a muscle or tendon deeper than just the vessels under the skin.  The bruise can also hurt as this is an area where the vessel has ruptured and blood as pooled under the skin making it tender to touch for a few days.  The pain will usually subside within a few days as the blood begins to be reabsorbed by the body.  If the pain is severe or the size of the bruise is increasing you may need to have the injury checked by a physician to make certain that there is not a more serious injury under your skin.

How to Stop Bruises from Hurting

If you have a painful bruise you will need to rest the bruised area.  Application of ice will help to reduce swelling and pain.

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