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How to Set Weight Loss Goals That Work

Posted Jan 02 2012 11:00am

upper body workout 248x300 How to Set Weight Loss Goals That Work I don’t know about you, but reading that over two-thirds of Americans are overweight is depressing. What’s even more distressing is that I am one of them. That’s why I am determined to reverse that and get back to a normal weight . For me, it was a lack of activity that set me on this trend. Now, I have to make exercise a priority. I have to embrace the strategy I used a couple of years ago to get back in shape. This is how I did it.

Regular exercise

The foundation of my success was walking, simply, walking. We live in the country, so there are plenty of interesting rural roads to walk. There are also lots of walking paths. On a side note, walking turned out to be profitable. I found more money walking here in Minnesota that I ever have. I also found a wrist GPS unit. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky again.

Regular check-ins

I am motivated when I see results. I did weekly weigh-ins and measurements. I kept a spreadsheet that showed my total inches lost. Seeing that figure get bigger and bigger kept me on track. Keeping that log was key to the success of this aspect of my weight loss plan.

Strength training sessions

I did  whole body strength training sessions each week. It was nothing fancy, just 8 to 10 exercises that worked all the major muscle groups. Again, I kept track of my weights. The big motivating factor here was seeing the definition develop in my biceps and triceps. I never want to have flabby arms.

The plan worked because I was doing something positive each day. It then became a habit. I became my own best personal trainer when it got to that point. I hated missing a walk or workout.

That would be my challenge to you and myself again now. Stick with an exercise plan for one month. Let your mind make it essential. You’ll achieve your fitness goals by taking the first step.

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