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How to remove gallstones from your body naturally

Posted Oct 23 2008 6:33pm
My daughter forwarded this to me and I thought it will be good to share it with you:

Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract are common, often painful conditions that usually require surgery and may be life threatening. They include cholelithiasis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cholesterolosis, biliary cirrhosis, and gallstone ileus and are often associated with deposition of calculi and inflammation. The gallbladder stores the bile salts and the cholesterol made in the liver. Bile salts are then discharged from the gallbladder into the intestine to help digest fats. These bile salts are "soapy" substances. They are produced in response to the amount of fat in the diet requiring digestion. Sometimes, these salts can become stones within the gallbladder itself; the stones often contain substantial amount of cholesterol. The stones cause local inflammation; if the muscular gallbladder tries to expel them, blockage of the bile ducts by the stone may cause pain, additional inflammation, or jaundice (yellowing).

Two risk factors for gallbladder disease increase by sixth to eight times. These are
1. heavy intake of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet, which increases bile salt production, and
2. being overweight. Obesity not only increases the frequency of the condition, but it also makes surgery to correct it more difficult and more hazardous.

As a nurse, we gather more information, read and study more about the disease. After surgery treatment, what we can do was to monitor patients' vital signs and measure drainage daily which normally 200 to 300ml. Normally, surgery is a treatment of choice but there are other treatments I could suggest such as low-fat diet; vitamin K; and during the attack, insertion of nasogastric tube and I.V. line.

However, several months ago, I received an email from one of my friends. She related to me about an incredible experience of here friend named Nenette, who complained of frequent severe stomach pains every seven in the morning. Sometimes, the pain also occurs at night. One evening, her husband had to rush her to the nearest hospital because she was practically on the floor grimacing in pain. When they reached the hospital, the doctors could not tell what was wrong with her.

This event prompted the couple to seek an Internal Medicine Specialist. After several extensive and expensive tests, they found that she had many stones in her gallbladder. The doctor wanted to schedule an operation to remove the stones at the soonest possible time. It was cited that the removal of the stone was the only remedy to relieve her from daily painful attacks.

Seeing his wife suffered from severe pain almost made him give in to the doctor's recommendation until a friend them that there is a natural way of removing gall stones without cutting someone's belly. The procedure was written by Dr. Lai Chiu Nan.

They were not optimistic about the procedure but they decided to try it. They told themselves they wouldn't loose anything if they try it anyway.

So the tried it and bought apple juice, Epsom salt, olive oil, and fresh lemon amounting to Php 700 (USD14.09) all in all. Nenette started the procedure on a Monday and completed it on Saturday of the same week. The next morning, they counted close to 100 floating green stones. They looked like gems and come in different sizes.

But that was not the highlight of the story. From the day they saw those stones floating, Nenette had not experience any more pain.

With that remarkable experience, they personally recommend this because they know it works. This process saved Nenette from her saily painful attacks and a possible painful operation. It also saved them from spending much money from the operation itself.

Below is the procedure written by Dr. Lai Chiu Nan which is entitled Removing Gallstones Naturally


Gallstones may not be everyone's concern. But they should be because we all have them. Moreover, gallstones may lead to cancer.

Cancer is never the first illness. Dr. Chiu Nan points out: "Usually, there is a lot of other problems leading up to cancer. In my cancer research in China, I came across some materials, which says that people with cancer usually have gallstones. We all have gallstones; it's a matter of big or small, many or few. One of the symptoms of gallstones is feeling of bloatedness after heavy meal. You feel like you can't digest the food. If it gets more serious, you feel pain in the liver area."

So, if you think you have gallstones, Dr. Chui Nan offers the following method to remove them naturally. The treatment is also good for those with a weak liver, because the liver and gallbladder are closely linked.

Recommended Practice;

For the firs 5 days, take 4 glasses of apple juice everyday or eat 4 or 5 apples, whichever you prefer. Apple juice softens the gallstones. During the 5 days, eat normally.

On the sixth day, take no dinner. Avoid food after 2pm. At 6pm. take a teaspoon of Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water. At 8pm. repeat the same. Magnesium sulphate opens the gallbladder ducts. (Tip: Buy the Epsom Salt before you start this program. We tried buying Epsom Salt at six (6) Mercury drug stores where we live, but they don't have it. Finally, we found some at Mercury drug branch in Quiapo, Manila near the Quiapo Church ).

At 10pm., take 1/2 cup of olive (or sesame) oil with 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Mix it well and drink it. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage.

(Important tip: Drink slowly for better result, avoid food after 2 pm. and expect more output the next day.)

The next morning, you will find green stones in your stools. Usually they float.

Dr. Chui Nan'sNote: "You might want to count them. I have people who passes 40, 50 or up to 100 stones".

The first purge will be solely your normal output, the green stones will only come out after that. Per those who have practiced, the stones look like crystal or jade". try to arrange in such timing that the last day is a rest day at home, reason being ..... you know. (You may have to go to the toilet more than once).

Even if you don't have any symptoms of gallstones, you still might have some. It's always good to give your gallbladder a clean up now and then. You'll find that your digestion is much better afterward."

Recommended period

Do it once a year.

Footnote: I personally have followed the proceedure and passed out green floating stones at the end of the procedure.
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