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How to Reduce Skin Pigmentation

Posted Apr 26 2010 1:17am

Our skin gets its color or shade from pigmentation. The exact pigment that gives skin the color that it has is called Melanin. The color of your skin is almost always hereditary, and historically, people who originate from hot, tropical regions tend to have darker skin, or higher amounts of melanin. While you should be proud of your heritage, there may be some reasons why you want to reduce skin pigmentation, or the amount of melanin.

how to reduce skin pigmentation

Why You Might Want to Reduce Skin Pigmentation

Many people don’t necessarily want to change their skin color. Instead, they want to even out the skin tone. This is often the case for people who have what we call ‘splotchy skin.’ For example, some areas of the skin may be lighter than others, making it appear that the person has brown spots.

Another common reason for reducing skin pigmentation is the presence of freckles. In this case, they don’t want to change the color of the skin, as a whole. Instead, they want to lighten the freckles so that they are not so pronounced.

Another reason why someone may want to reduce skin pigmentation is because they have a disease known as Vitiligo. This is the same disease that Michael Jackson had. Because the skin cannot be made dark again, in order to even out the skin tone as a whole, the only other option is to reduce the pigmentation in the skin that has not been affected by the disease. Some people opt to do this, while others do not.

How to Reduce Skin Pigmentation

In serious cases or extreme discoloration, a dermatologist may suggest certain medications or procedures for reducing skin pigmentation. Before you agree to these methods, however, you might want to consider natural alternatives.

Dry orange peels can be grated and then mixed with yogurt. Apply this to the skin for fifteen minutes and then rinse the skin. Another option is to use pureed raw potato. Some people swear by fresh lemon juice, and this does work to a small extent. Sandalwood Powder combined with lemon juice also works.

With any of these natural remedies, remember that one application is not going to produce the results that you want. It takes time for the treatment to work. It is also important that you only apply the treatments to the areas of your skin that you want to lighten.

Are There Dangers Associated with Reducing Skin Pigmentation?

For the most part, there is no danger of reducing skin pigmentation these days. There are medications and treatments that can be used, which may have side effects, but if natural remedies are used, there generally are no side effects or risks, other than potential skin irritation.

In most cases, this skin irritation is caused by the products used, and it goes away on its own in a few days time. Before you agree to any medication or procedure advised by your physician or dermatologist for reducing skin pigmentation, make sure that you discuss potential risks and side effects with him or her.

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