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How to Raise Kids

Posted Mar 17 2010 9:56pm

Having children today is confusing. The biological process is the same, but once the child is born, he or she must be raised. This is where the confusion comes into play. There are more theories on the best way to raise kids than there are kids – and while many of those theories work just as well as others, some are just plain wrong and detrimental to your child’s future.

how to raise kids

Experts Who Tell You How to Raise Kids

There are countless experts who will give you advice on raising your kids. If you stop and think about it though, most of those experts never bothered to have children of their own, or they have yet to get around to it. Ideally, an expert that you take advice from in this area will have two things: They will have kids, and those kids will resemble how you want your own children to be, in terms of morals and values.

If the expert that is trying to guide you doesn’t have these two things, move to another expert. Unless and until they have actually raised children in today’s world, they really have no clue what they are talking about.

Using Your Parents Example for How to Raise Kids

Your parents either raised you based on someone else’s theory, on their own parent’s example, or from a theory that they came up with on their own. The main question that you should ask is how you turned out yourself. What issues do you have as an adult? What are the bad things that you remember from your childhood? What mistakes do you feel that they made.

You must look at how you were raised with an adult perspective. Maybe you didn’t like how strict your parents were as a child, but as an adult, you need to look at that situation from an adult parents point of view to determine whether you will be as strict, or less strict.

Your Own Morals and Values Tell You How to Raise Kids

No matter how hard parents try, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. You will make mistakes. Your children will most likely recognize those mistakes, and remember those mistakes when they start to raise their own children. Parental mistakes are unavoidable simply because as humans, we are not perfect.

With that said, however, instead of listening to so-called experts, you need to carefully think about your own morals and values, determine how those morals and values fit into today’s world, and determine which of those morals and values to pass onto your child. Therein lays the answer to how to raise kids in today’s world.

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