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How to Prevent Colds and Flu

Posted Sep 23 2010 11:32am

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prevent cold

You don’t have to get a cold this fall. Here are seven great natural ways to avoid colds and flu.

1. Smile

If you are positive and happy your body is better equipped to handle viruses. Stress has the opposite effect.

2. Exercise

Exercise is vital for a well functioning immune system. Exercise in the cold air is good for your mucous membranes.

3. Make time for your friends

Social contact is good for your immune system. It has been shown that people with less than 3 close friends catches colds four times more often than people with more social contact.

4. Vitamin D

In the winter some of us are in risk of not getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D i vital for the immune system and we all need to make sure to get enough.

5. Hold your breath

We all know we’re supposed to wash our hands often, especially around people who has a cold.  It’s equally important to hold your breath if someone sneezes close to your face.

6. Keep your feet warm

Test persons who took cold foot baths caught a cold three times more often than the people who kept their feet warm.

7. Eat healthy

The most important part in a healthy lifestyle. In a country where you when you order milk in a restaurant they ask “White or chocolate?” as if chocolate milk would be a perfect substitute to regular milk, you can’t stress healthy eating enough.

Image by: B Rosen 

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