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How To Naturally Get Rid Of Dry, Chapped Lips

Posted Nov 07 2009 10:00pm

hair lips by ilexxx on Flickr

Is chapped lips a problem to you this season? True enough, chapped lips is caused by staying too long in a dry, windy or cold environment. It can also be caused by dehydration or lack of vitamin B. But if it is caused by hypersensitivity to the lipstick you are using, make sure you change it and buy a lipstick with a better quality.

Here are a few of the natural home remedies that you can do to treat your chapped lips and make your lips look better.

Drink lots of liquid. The simplest natural remedy for dry and chapped lips is adequate consumption of water or liquids.

Regularly apply petroleum jelly at bedtime. It helps cure the dryness of lips and prevents further drying up. Keeping your lips moisturized would prevent you from getting chapped lips.

Regularly apply milk cream. This reduces cracking of lips and regular practice removes dry skin and ensures softness of lips. Use the smooth paste formed by soaking some rose petals in milk.

Apply fresh cucumber extract. This helps in giving you relief from the discomfort of having sore, chapped lips. Rub fresh juice from a cucumber slice on the lips and let it stay for at least an hour.

Use glycerin and honey before bedtime. Add 2 drops of honey to a half teaspoon of glycerin. The effect can also be intensified by soaking fresh rose petals in it.

Regularly apply Aloe Vera gel. It is a proven effective natural remedy for chapped lips. Simply smear a fine layer of Aloe Vera gel on lips twice a day. Regular application will prevent further cracking of lips.

Then, be patient. The skin of your lips needs time to heal itself while treating it with one of the above natural remedies. Your wish to have soft and moisturized lips will not be immediate. That’s why you have to give it some time to be restored to its better and healthier state.

Image by ilexxx.

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