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How to Increase Fitness

Posted Mar 04 2010 11:54pm

You know that you need to exercise, but you just can’t seem to get motivated to do it. On the days when you do feel motivated, five minutes after you start working out, you feel exhausted. You just don’t have the energy, and often, when you have the energy, you don’t have the time because all of those other life matters need that energy directed towards them. Here is some information that will show you how to increase fitness.

increase fitness

Have a Plan and Be Prepared to Increase Fitness

Fitness is a physical endeavor, but you absolutely must be in the right frame of mind for it – or you simply won’t do it at all, or you will only give it a half-hearted attempt. Make sure that you select fun exercises. Make sure that you have planned and scheduled the appropriate amount of time for these exercises, and also make sure that you are fully aware of how you will benefit from exercise in general, as well as the specific type of exercise that you will participate in.

Increase Fitness by Taking Baby Steps

Nobody expects you to jump up from the couch and perform a sixty minute workout – especially if you’ve been glued to that couch for sometime. This isn’t something that you should expect from yourself either. In fact, if you do try this, you are more likely to incur serious injuries. Instead, start slowly, and build up to the fitness level that you desire. It is true that fifteen minutes of exercise won’t do you much good – but it does more for you than sitting on the couch, and it does start raising your energy level and your stamina so that your next workout or the workout after that one can be longer.

Increase Fitness with Mind over Matter

Exercise and fitness really can be a mental game that you play with yourself. You have to ensure that your mind is stronger than your body. This starts with mental preparation for exercise and educating yourself about your body and the exercise that it needs. Most of us will do what is good for us, but only if someone else forces us to do so. We need to be better to ourselves than that, and do what is good for us simply because it is good for us!

Exercise will make you sore. This soreness is a part of your fitness journey, and even part of increasing fitness. The following day, when you think that you are too sore to exercise again – rethink that. If you do start exercising, you will actually work that soreness out. It’s just a matter of using your mind to convince your body as to what is best for you.

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