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How to Heal Your Entire Body and Not Have to Pay an Acupuncturist a Penny

Posted Feb 16 2010 8:09am
 A while back I met a master healer. Her name...Stella. She was Russian and she was in her eighties. Stella learned from many masters from many different countries including Tibet. Through syncronicity I met her, and she healed my body. While she was healing me she started to teach me everything she had learned over the course of her life. She started by teaching me SU JOK. A form of acupressure that heals the body by pressing points on the hands. Her philosophy was that nobody should ever rely on a practitioner for anything, and we should all be taught to heal ourselves. She could only speak Russian, and I needed a translater. Anyways to make a long story very short.

To heal your entire body follow these steps as outlined by Stella.

1.) Take off your shoes and socks
2.) Place your hands on your feet, and feel around with your fingers any sore, tender, painful spots, and identify them
3.) Rub the sore and painful spots as often as you can, it will hurt, but the painful spots on your feet, correspond to an imbalance in the physical body. When you rub the spot you send healing energy to that specific area of your body
4.) When the painful spot is no longer painful, then the corresponding physical spot will be healed
5.) To have a deepr healing, get out some peppercorns !
6.) Place the peppercorns into the painful spots, and press the peppercorn deep into the spot. This will hurt a lot more than rubbing or pressing down with your hands, but it will have a deeper healing. You may have to tape the peppercorns on your hands and feet.
7.) Repeat steps 1-7 for your hands too!

A True Story:

That crazy Stella had peppercorns all over my hands and feet. She would tape them down. Whenever I stepped down I would scream in pain, and she would laugh, like a hyena. You should have seen my hands, peppercorns everywhere! She relished in my pain, we had a great relationship and had so much fun together. Ah good times, she was starting to teach me LU1 (lung meridian 1), and it's active between 3-5am. I would ask smart alec questions like: Well if I am in Australia, then there is a time zone difference, so when is LU1 active? She would slap me on the back and say in Russian, stop asking me stupid questions, and pay attention!

One fine winter day,  when it was snowing, someone whipped a snowball at my head. I turned around and there she was with an evil grin across her face, Stella, throwing fastballs at my head!

To learn where the painful points on your hands and feet correspond to, you can check out reflexology charts or learn SU JOK .

Lindsay Tietz, BSc, HD
Owner Intention to Heal
Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Expert
Proudly Serving The Toronto Danforth Area Directly 

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