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How to have Breast Implants Reduced

Posted Apr 04 2010 1:17am

After having breast augmentation you may find that the new size is not what you wanted.  You may have been over ambitious in your choice. Bigger is not always better and many women who have had their breasts enlarged later decide they want to have the size reduced.

how to have breast implants reduced

Reasons to have Breast Implants Reduced

The decision of women to have their breast implants reduced is made for a variety of reasons.  Some of these include:

  • Implant deflation which can occur over time and some women decide to replace them with smaller implants.
  • Correcting size of the breast due to a poor choice previously
  • A problem with the implant such a poor fit for your body, rupture of an implant that was too large
  • Issues with the placement of the original implant or positioning and shape
  • Problems with breast tissue due to it having to over stretch for accommodation of large implant choices.

How to have Breast Implants Reduced with Implant Exchange

Implant exchange is the process in which the current implants are replaced with smaller implants and is usually the best option to reduce the size of the breast after breast augmentation if you are having problems due to size or incorrect shape.  You can also choose different types such as silicone or saline or smooth or textured if you are not happy with your original choices.

How to have Breast Implants Reduced with Mastopexy with Smaller Implants

Having a breast uplift and combining this choice with smaller implants can give you a better effect than just having implants that are too large and uncomfortable removed.  Natural breast tissue stretches especially to accommodate implants and you would be left with sagging breast tissue without implants.

Keep in mind when you decide to have breast augmentation surgery that bigger is not always better.  Your breast size needs to fit with your body; you can suffer long term health issues from having breasts that are too large such as back pain. Your body has to adjust to changes made to it and if you are not able to adjust and need to have a second surgery you are placing yourself under more surgical risks.  Having a second surgery to replace implants is not highly recommended due to increased risks but it is possible to have it done if you are having difficulties.

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