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How to Get a Six Pack for Girls

Posted Apr 04 2010 1:16am

Every woman would love to have a lean flat abdomen. Every man loves to admire that six pack abdomen. A flat stomach is nice but a defined stomach is just sexy.

how to get a six pack for girls

Proper Diet to Get a Six Pack for Girls

To get a slim, trim, flat and defined abdomen you must eat the proper nutrients to first lose fat, and then build muscle.  You lose the fat first because believe it or not, there is muscle under that fat.  So you need to eat a diet designed for fat loss, not muscle building. Then once you see a glimmer of that muscle as the fat melts away change to a diet designed to build muscle.

Foods to help burn fat include oatmeal, nuts, protein powder, olive oil, berries, eggs, beans and legumes, lean meats and fish, whole grains, peanut butter, green vegetables, low fat dairy products, avocados and iced tea.  Once you have burned the fat off your belly, eat foods that are high in protein to help build healthy muscle.

Proper Exercises to Get a Six Pack for Girls

The focus of defining your abdomen should be losing the fat that covers your muscles. You will make no progress in defining your stomach until the fat is gone.  Therefore do exercises to burn fat first.  Avoid abdominal exercises meant to build muscle.  It is after all, already there.  You just can’t find it under the fat.  After you find the muscle then work to build it and tone it.

Do fat burning exercises to work off the fat such as cardio, stretching and walking. After you have burned the fat begin to work your abdominal muscles with sit ups and crunches, weight lifting and continue your cardio and walking because those will also help to build muscle on your abdomen after the fat is gone.

What Not to Do to Get a Six Pack for Girls

Do not stress about building your abs.  Stress actually can cause you to add fat to your stomach due to the effects of stress.  Make a plan and follow it.

Do not begin to do abdominal muscle building exercises until you have lost the fat where you can see the muscle you have. If you simply work to build muscle, you will add the weight of the muscle and the bulk of the muscle increasing the size of your abdomen but still have that layer of fat over it.

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