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How To Develop A Healthy Eating Habit

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:00pm

Ralph Dunning eating healthy food! by Alastair Dunning on Flickr

If you’ve been used to eat anything that tempts your palate or anything that is readily available whether it is healthy or not, switching to a healthy eating habit will be a challenge.

I know! You really want to have a healthier lifestyle, but changing old habits is not as easy as a snap of a finger. However, if you are really determined to leave the old ways, here are 4 steps to help you start and eventually keep incorporating healthy foods into your meals.

STEP 1:Make it a habit to eat healthy. It’s so much easier to grab junk food as a snack because it’s usually pre-packaged and easy to grab when we’re too hungry to make something healthier. Instead of eating that bowl of ice-cream or sugary cereal every night, try replacing that snack with something healthier like a fruit bar or even just a healthier cereal than the one you’re currently eating. If you crave chocolate you could also look for low calorie fudgcicles to replace that regular candy bar you might be eating! :)

STEP 2:Make an eating plan for the whole week. Google “healthy foods” and “healthy meals” to find ideas for your meal plan. Make sure you pick good foods and meals that you can easily prepare yourself without too much trouble. If you feel lost in the food jungle, here’s a simple guide to make a healthy eating plan.

STEP 3: Use Tupperware, coolers, and other lunchbox-type containers to make your healthy foods available to you no matter where you travel.

STEP 4:Try new ways to prepare your food. Oftentimes, people don’t like healthy food because they get bored eating the same things over and over and don’t feel like there are enough healthy options. BUT you can solve this easily by taking those same foods and just finding a million different ways to prepare them.

If you have other tips about motivating yourself in keeping a healthy eating habit, feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Image by Alastair Dunning.

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