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how to cure hepatitis b?

Posted by hazel

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there are a variety of foods that can assist the body in healing itself  -- laetrile, probiotics, aloe vera, digestive enzymes, coQ10, cal/mag, vit d3, olive leaf extract, lycopene (tomatoes), onion, garlic, antioxidants (vitamins a, c, e), green tea, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), juicing, unrefined sea salt or himalayan salt or celtic salt, greens...serious greens. 

keep produce raw or steamed for most nutritional value --- and always organic, so as not to put additional toxic burden on the liver (which is already compromised) by consuming conventionally grown produce. 

avoid sugar.

avoid ALL processed foods.

avoid ALL food additives. 

get good rest/sleep.

drink pure water. 

make soups and teas --- these are easy on the system, easily digested and can have a naturally cleansing affect on the body...this is a good thing. 

you'll probably want to do a whole body cleanse at some point, but first consult a trained naturopath or other qualified practitioner.  the body should not go through a cleansing process without being properly first being built up.  cleanse colon, liver, kidney, parasites, blood, lymphatic system (but don't go it alone -- get assistance from a trained professional). 

ALSO, and very important -- dental work can contribute to many health issues....root canals, mercury amalgams ('silver' fillings), crowns (nickel), and other issues can cause problems and inhibit your overall health.  see a biological dentist to get a 'clean up' check up.  (



There are some herbs in Ayurveda that is very effective in treating Hep B,. The herbs antiviral, hepatoprotective and immunomodulator. Consult ayurveda doc nearby



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