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How Reflexology Can Alleviate Your PMS Symptoms

Posted Dec 02 2009 9:00pm
Is PMS keeping you from some of your favorite activities? Does it interfere with sleep or is just an all around pain to deal with? You can tweak your diet and add some exercises moves for a modicum of relief. While diet and exercise may be somewhat effective, you can add another combative tool to your PMS arsenal – reflexology. Similar to the principles of acupuncture, reflexology can provide relief whether you have minor symptoms of PMS to more severe forms such as PMDD. This alternative therapy offers a natural way to repair the balance of harmony to your mind, spirit and body.

How Reflexology Can Alleviate Your PMS Symptoms

A Glimpse into PMS

Also known as premenstrual syndrome, PMS is actually a collection of symptoms – about 150 of them – that you might face just after ovulating to the first breakthrough bleeding of your period. Some women though may experience symptoms earlier than that or even during their period. Every woman goes through PMS differently and less than 10% of women claim to not have had any symptoms whatsoever. In the remaining 90% of women who have had PMS, a very small percentage of them experience PMS to the max in the form of PMDD, also known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Here are just a few of the 150+ symptoms that can plague women at “that time of the month”: abdominal cramps, headaches, acne blemishes, irritability, breast tenderness, mood swings, weight gain, gas, bloating, anger, depression and water retention.

How Reflexology Can Help

Reflexology involves the massage or application of pressure to different parts of the body, primarily the feet, ears and hands. A number of studies have illustrated that approximately 50% of women who try reflexology do experience a decrease in PMS symptoms. It does not work for every woman who tries it and some experts believe it is because of skepticism. If you do not believe it will work for your PMS, it won’t. The power of hope and wishful thinking can be a large part of why reflexology does work for some women.

Every reflexology practitioner may target different body parts to achieve the same basic result – reducing your PMS symptoms. The ears, feet and hands have quite a number of nerve receptors which tie into various areas of the body. If you manipulate these areas, you can stimulate other parts of the body. For example, if you feel bloated and are retaining water, a reflexology practitioner may concentrate on an area of the body to manipulate the area that links to your kidney function for the purpose of flushing out excess fluids.

A reflexology practitioner that is well-versed in PMS will concentrate on particular pressure points on the body that influences the endocrine system, particularly the reproductive glands because of their hormone production and delivery throughout the body. Take note that while you may feel some relief after your first reflexology session, you will need several more sessions to reap the benefits fully. Once you feel that you have resolved as many PMS symptoms as you possibly can, you take a break from the reflexology. If the symptoms start to come back, you restart the treatment process. Not only will you experience a sense of well-being but you will also learn to relax. Reflexology can make it easier for you to get through PMS and reduce your symptoms.

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