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How Does Gender Selection IVF Work?

Posted Mar 03 2010 7:33pm

Gender Selection was first used to reduce the chance that couples would produce children with genetic disorders or disease that were specific to each sex. Now, even couples who do not have this risk are using gender selection simply to choose the sex of the child.

Gender Selection IVF

Who Can Benefit From Gender Selection IVF

The process of gender selection can be beneficial to any couple who is at risk for passing on genetic conditions to their children.  This includes carriers of sex linked genetic disorders. With genetic screening of embryos prior to implantation for down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, hemophilia and others, the risk of passing on the genes for these disorders was greatly reduced since only healthy embryos are introduced into the uterus.

The Process for Gender Selection IVF

Gender is determined by our chromosomes.  Males carry both the X and Y chromosomes and females carry two X chromosomes.  The process of IVF is conducted with the addition of DNA determination and molecular analysis to determine the sex of the embryo and if the inherited gene is present.

Keep in mind that the process of gender selection can be used without the determination of genetic disorders being present and if you are choosing gender selection for the purpose of preventing inherited genes you should be certain that this screening is also being conducted. After analysis has been completed only the embryos that are XY for a male child or XX for a female child are introduced into the womb for the possibility of pregnancy.

Concerns for Gender Selection IVF

Gender selection is not fool proof; it only increases the odds you will have a child the gender you choose.  You need to be prepared to accept a child of the opposite gender if the selection process fails. Many people feel that discarding healthy embryos simply based on their sex is wrong and there is much controversy, especially when it is used for the reason of determining sex alone and not due to the prevention of passing on sex linked genetic disorders.

There are concerns that gender selection could lead to an imbalance of gender in the future as more and more people are choosing the sex of their babies.  There are also concerns of science producing designer babies with particular traits. There are different methods of gender selection available today and you should research all possible methods and their success rates before entering into this decision.

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