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How Does Facial Cosmetic Surgery Work

Posted Mar 03 2010 8:59pm

Everyone wants to face the day looking natural and rejuvenated. For whatever reason you may decide that you want or need facial cosmetic surgery you should know what procedures are available for you and your needs.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

There are a variety of facial procedures including Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery), Face lifts, Liposuction, Botox treatments, Eyelid and eyebrow surgeries, facial  implants, skin resurfacing, skin cancer removals, facial reconstruction, prominent ear surgeries and revision of scars. Three types of procedures are discussed here.

How Rhinoplasty Facial Cosmetic Surgery Works

This procedure is generally done using general anesthesia.  The incisions are made inside the nostrils and can also on occasion extend across the bottom on the nose depending on what issue is being addressed. Through the incisions the framework of the nose is adjusted, the cartilage and bone.  If the surgery is meant to change the upper portion of the nose the nasal bones may need some manipulation such as sanding them down or even making a fracture to change their appearance.

To change the shape of the cartilage for modification of the lower portion of the nose sometimes sutures are placed strategically, small amounts of cartilage are grafted or small and carefully placed incisions are made into the existing cartilage.  After the modifications are done to the framework the skin will naturally adjust to meet the new structure changing the external appearance of the nose.

How Eyelid and Eyebrow Surgery Used for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Works

Eyelid surgery is performed to eliminate wrinkles, bags and excess skin that surround the upper and lower eyelids. They incision of the upper eyelid is usually concealed within the natural crease of the eye and the excess skin is carefully trimmed away, if necessary extra fat that may be in this area is removed. The lower lid incision is made just under the eyelashes to provide the best concealment.  To remove excess fat under the eye (bags), the incision is made just inside the lower lid.

Eyebrow surgery smoothes deep set wrinkles in the forehead and lifts droopy eyebrows. There are different techniques that can achieve this, and the main difference is the location of the incision.  The particular problem you are having corrected will determine which technique is used and where the incision will be.

How a Face Lift for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Works

A face lift is a procedure to remove excess skin and tighten sagging skin on the upper neck and lower face.  This procedure affects the lower third of the face and can give a much more youthful appearance. This procedure is generally performed under general anesthesia.  Typically incisions are made past the hairline at the temple area, around the ear and behind the ear also in the hair area.  At times there can be a small incision just under the chin so that the surgeon can access muscles and sagging skin in the neck region.  Excess fat in the neck area is removed with liposuction and efforts are made to tighten the neck muscles.

Through the incisions the deep tissues of the skin are lifted and pulled in a back and upward movement to tighten the lower face.  After the lift is complete, the excess skin is removed at the incision lines and they are closed.  Each layer of the skin is closed individually and the top layer is closed using a very fine suture to leave minimal or no scarring.

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